Lacuna; A #Taekookau [A/B/O] “You Will Not Leave Until You Allow Me To Scent You


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Lacuna; a #taekookau [A/B/O]

“You will not leave until you allow me to scent you.”, Jungkook’s voice is loud and clear.

“Mr. Jeon, I am already engulfed in your scent.”, Taehyung assures, “I don’t think any further scenting will be required. Also, I am just going to-“

“I will not repeat myself, Taehyung.”, the alpha doesn’t let him complete the sentence.

“I am just going to the university to fulfill my responsibilities as a professor.”, Taehyung frowns, “I do not understand the need for you to scent me.”

“And I do not understand your need to always defy me.”, the alpha gets up from the chair.

“Defy you?”, Taehyung snorts, “Are you even listening to yourself?”

“I am.”, Jungkook rounds the table to walk toward the omega, “And this time, I am not the one who is on the wrong side.”

“I am your husband, Taehyung.”, Jungkook has his hands secured in his pockets as he comes to a stop in front of his omega, “Whether you like the term or not, nothing changes. And every time you leave this house to go to a place unknown to me, it worries me.”
Something about those words hold a little too much power. And Taehyung finds himself wanting to hear more.

“It worries you?”, he asks as his eyes stay stuck on the alpha.

“Yes.”, Jungkook nods, “It worries me.”

“And scenting me will not make you worry any further?”

“No.”, Jungkook tilts his head, “I will still worry just as much.”

“Then what’s the need of scenting me?”

“Scenting you will, at least, give me the assurance that a bit of me is with you. Wherever you go, I will be with you.”, his voice drops an octave, “Protecting you.”

Taehyung gulps, eyes blinking rapidly while he tried to even his breathing, “Scent me then.”

Jungkook’s lips curl up a little at that, his right hand going to cup the side of the omega’s face. “Thank you.”, he whispers, thumb caressing his cheek.

Taehyung inhales deeply as the dark woody scent blooms in the air, somehow comforting him. His own hands don’t stay with him any longer.

Taehyung’s one arm looped around the alpha’s neck, while the other grips the blazer pulling him towards himself.

Jungkook leans in then, lips planting a soft kiss on Taehyung’s jaw.

The alpha in him roars, but Jungkook doesn’t succumb to the call.

He slowly pulls away a little to look at the omega’s face. Taehyung’s cheek now flaunting a shade of rose pink.

“I will scent you now.”, his voice grave.

Taehyung nods, unable to hide the eagerness.

“Words, Taehyung.”, Jungkook’s other hand goes around the omega’s waist pulling him flush against his chest, “I need words.”

“Y-yes.”, Taehyung stutters a whisper.

“Yes what?”

“Yes.”, the omega repeats, “Yes, you can scent me.”

Jungkook doesn’t wait another moment after that. His head finding a shelter in the crook of the omega’s neck, lips brushing on Taehyung’s scent gland as he rains the area with tender kisses.

Taehyung bites back a moan when the alpha’s hand move to his ass. Squeezing him there. Heart beat erratic.

“When will I have you back here?”, Jungkook talks in-between those kisses.

Taehyung finds it difficult to reply. “I-“, he gulps hard, “I don’t know.”

“Give me a time.”, Jungkook demands, “Evening?”

“Maybe.”, Taehyung bites his lower lip. “I might have to stay back for a few hours.”


“Workshop.”, Taehyung breathes out, “There’s this workshop. I might have to join.”

“My manager will be wating for you outside the campus.”, Jungkook tells him as his lips begin trail kisses on his throat, “No matter how long it takes.”

“No.”, the omega’s grip tightens around him.

“No?”, Jungkook stops, pulling away to see that face.

“No.”, Taehyung repeats as he lets go of the alpha. “I don’t want you to send anyone.”, he takes a step away from him.

“Why not?”, Jungkook’s brows snapped together.

“Because I said so.”, the omega growls.

Jungkook’s eyes stay focused on him for a few seconds before he speaks again, “You have to give me a proper reason behind such a demand.”

“A demand?”, Taehyung cocks a brow.

“Of course.”, the alpha puts his hands back in his pockets, “You are demanding something right now.”

“Is that what you call it?”, Taehyung lets out a chuckle.

Jungkook gives him a nod.

“And you want a reason behind it, huh?”

“Most definitely.”

“Alright then.”, Taehyung steps up to the alpha. “I will tell you the reason.”

“The reason behind why I don’t want anyone to wait for me outside the campus is you.”, Taehyung presses his finger against the alpha’s chest, “You are the damn reason, Mr. Jeon.”

Jungkook doesn’t speak to or against it. He knows he shouldn’t.

“Don’t you think that being my lawfully wedded husband it must be one of your duties to pick me up, or even wait for me in your car outside the university campus, if it gets late?”, Taehyung grits out, “And maybe not send your manager? Or your secretary? Or, whoever else?”
“Oh, I might know the answer to that as well.”, Taehyung lets out a chuckle, mocking, “Your work wouldn’t allow you to do that, right?”

Jungkook clenches his jaw, but doesn’t utter a word nevertheless.

“Who are you trying to fool, Mr. Jeon?”, Taehyung’s eyes glisten then.

“Don’t you think being your husband, although much against your wishes, I still do deserve a little bit of your honestly?”, Taehyung exhales sharply.

“I have been honest to you about anything and everything.”, Jungkook finally breaks his silence, “Ever since the day we met.”

“Of course! Of course, you have been.”, Taehyung looks away, “We both know the truth, Mr. Jeon. This facade of a wedding suffocates you. I know. And trust me, I do not blame you at all.”, his eyes find him again, “None of this is your fault at all.”
“But what must I do?”, Taehyung squeezes his eyes shut, as if trying to control his feelings, his emotions, “Like a stupid, I keep hoping for something that I have no right to. Every time you say something remotely close to something intimate, it makes me hope.”
“And I don’t want to hope, Mr. Jeon. Don’t want to wish for something that will never happen.”

“And what is that?”, Jungkook asks then. “What are you referring to that might never happen?”

“A future.”, Taehyung’s lips curl up, broken, “A future.”

“We have talked about this, Taehyung.”, it is Jungkook this time who looks away, “A future is not something I can afford to provide you.”

“I know.”, Taehyung nods, “Trust me, no one knows it better than me. And therefore, I am requesting you, Mr. Jeon. Please.”

Jungkook finds himself growing impatient, “Please what?”

“Please don’t allow me to hope.”, Taehyung responds, “Do not do stuff to make me hope. You wanted to know the reason behind that demand?”, he asks again, “Well, it was not a demand. Rather a request.”

“I am requesting you. Please do not send anyone for me.”, Taehyung chants, “I can take care of myself. Very well.”

Jungkook’s muscles tenses, jaws tick.

“I know my mere presence bothers you negatively. And you have made that quite clear since the very beginning.”

“So let’s not add to your reasons any further, yeah?”, Taehyung starts to take slow steps away from the alpha. “I will take your leave now, Mr. Jeon, because I might have wasted just a little too much of your time. I am sorry. I hope you have a good day.”
“Taehyung.”, It is Jungkook’s voice that freezes the omega on his track.

Taehyung doesn’t turn around to match those eyes, but he feels the alpha walking closer to him.

“Has it always been your habit to not allow anyone to speak?”, Jungkook stands right behind him now.

“Or, is it something you manage to do only to me?”

Taehyung is forced to turn around to that. “What?”

“You heard me.”, Jungkook’s face impassive, “You did not allow me to speak.”

“What is there for you to speak, or add any further to that anyway?”

“Oh, so you have decided to conclude my side for me from now on?”, Jungkook questions, “So tell me, what would I have concluded here?”

“Nothing.”, Taehyung snarls, “You would and should say nothing.”

“Wrong.”, Jungkook shrugs.

“I don’t know about the should part, but-“, he pauses for a moment, “I definitely would have said something had you allowed, or waited to hear me out.”

“So speak!”, Taehyung’s gestures are wild, “Who’s stopping you anyway?! Not me certainly! Because what power do I hold?!”

“All the power.”, Jungkook takes a hold of his hand, bringing him close to himself, “You hold all the power over me. You are my husband, Taehyung.”

“No.”, Taehyung jerks his hand free, “Your husband but only in papers. And that doesn’t allow me any power.”

“Aren’t those enough for you?”

“No!”, Taehyung shakes his head, “Never enough.”

Jungkook gives a deep sigh, then he speaks again, “Today I have a meeting with a few US clients who represent a multinational company. Picking you up from university wouldn’t be possible for me.”

“Did I ask you to pick me up?!”, Taehyung thunders, “I simply asked you to not send anyone for me. I will get a cab. I have been taking care of myself just fine all these years before you.”

“I know. I am aware that you are more than capable of taking care of yourself.”

“Then why?”, Taehyung grips the placket of Jungkook’s shirt, “Why bother yourself with these little things, huh?”

“Because these are not little things to me.”, Jungkook says, voice calm. “I want to make sure that you get back home safe and fine.”

“Is that the case?”, Taehyung laughs, “Or, is it that you want to make sure that no one gets to come anywhere close to me, or I do not go out with anyone, and get back home straight?”

“Well, to be honest, that does take up quite a part of why I want you to accept my offer.”

Those words only adds to Taehyung’s anger, “You-”

“I can’t lie to you, Taehyung.”, Jungkook’s hand comes to rest around his waist, “I do get very possessive. I would do anything to make sure you are safe. That’s all I want and I have been trying.”

“You have to understand that although our wedding wasn’t exactly planned in the best way possible, and you had to get entangled with me against your wishes, I care for you immensely.”, Jungkook adds, “I know you will not trust my words ever. But I will still say it.”
“I will say it again and again until you finally trust me.”, Jungkook refuses to stop, “I know this wedding wasn’t something you ever wanted. And I know you hate me for getting you tangled into this. But you must know that I was left with no other choices.”
“You had a choice.”, Taehyung mumbles close to him, “You could have just let go of me. And not get intertwined with this.”

“No.”, Jungkook hisses, “I couldn’t have done that. No matter how much you hate me for it. I couldn’t let of you then. I could never.”

“It was me who made a mistake.”, Jungkook elaborates recalling the past, “I mated you. Although accidentally, I did mate you. And it was wrong of me to do that.”

“It was something we both did.”, Taehyung’s hold tightens, “That night we both made a mistake.”

“It was consensual. You had my consent!”, Taehyung wants him to believe, “You did nothing wrong. You mated me because I wanted you to mate me.”

“And you expect me to let go of you after I mated you?”, Jungkook asks him, “Is that what you wanted me to do?”

Taehyung remains silent to those questions.

“I am sorry, Taehyung. But I could never do that.”

“You married me because our families forced you to.”

“Nobody can force me to do anything, Taehyung.”, Jungkook shakes his head, “I wasn’t a kid.”

“Then why did you marry me?!”, anger, pain, hurt course through Taehyung’s vein, “Why did you even after I told you that I will be just fine?!”

“The news of our mating had spread out like wildfire!”, Jungkook growls, “Our families’ reputation, your reputation were at stake!”

“The news, the media outlets wouldn’t even allows us to breathe! Did you forget those days?!”

Taehyung didn’t. He didn’t forget those days. How can he ever! Those names they hurled at him, the mental abuse, the torture, the dirt he had been dragged through. He forgot nothing.

“I am not a saviour, Taehyung. I didn’t do shit to save you from anyone or anything, because I know you could have handled the situation in your own way. And maybe even in a better way.”, Jungkook breathes out, “I just wanted to be by your side throughout the entire journey.”
“Because like you said, both of us made a mistake that night, right?”, Jungkook lets go of the omega while Taehyung doesn’t, “So shouldn’t it be only fair to stick together, and find a way out of this?”

Taehyung finds it difficult to look away. His vision blurring.

“I know this marriage is nothing but shackles around your feet because you never wanted any of this.”, Jungkook smiles then, “Just give me a few more months, yeah? I have promised you, right? I will give you the freedom, the happiness that you have always wanted and deserved.”
“And I will keep my promise, Taehyung.”, Jungkook repeats, as if talking to himself, “I will let go of you, Taehyung. Let go of you.”

Taehyung maintains his silence before stepping away again, “Then make it fast. Because this is getting claustrophobic. And I hate it. I hate it.”

Or, a #taekookau where a not-so pretty picture united two souls together in a sham of a marriage. Despite the circumstances and an ugly backstory, will love find its way into their lives when the ending is already a given?
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“Good night, professor.”, the students chime together bowing before leaving the classroom.

“Good night, babies.”, Taehyung smiles back.

Soon after gathering a few of his things and shoving his phone in his pocket, Taehyung exits the room himself.

While Taehyung is busy going through the next day’s lecture file as he walks towards the main gate of the university, he misses the car that has been waiting for him for over an hour now.


The voice prevents the omega’s proceeding steps.

Taehyung looks up to find Jungkook standing in front of him, leaning against the car.

“Good evening.”

The omega frowns at first, tilting his head to the side, “You?”

“Me.”, Jungkook shrugs casually.

“What are you doing here?”, Taehyung asks, voice harsh.

“I am here to pick you up. Lift to home?”, Jungkook tells him.

Taehyung doesn’t understand. He doesn’t speak either.

“I have been waiting for you for over an hour now.”


Jungkook only frowns to that.

“You said you had a very important meeting, so you won’t be able to be here.”, Taehyung elaborates, “What changed?”

“You wanted me here.”, Jungkook begins to walk up to the omega.

“No, I didn’t say that.”, Taehyung shakes his head, “I never said I wanted you here.”

“You mentioned that you do not want me to send my manager to pick you up.”, the alpha is standing in front of him now.

“Exactly!”, Taehyung breathes out, “And what part of it says that I wanted you here?”

“So you don’t want me to be here?”

“You are here because you thought I wanted you here, else you wouldn’t even have bothered to come up this far.”

“Of course, I am here because after you left, I realized that if I show up here, you wouldn’t be as upset as you were in the morning.”, Jungkook explains.

“If that’s why you are here”, Taehyung feels the rage growing within him. “If that is the only reason that brings you here, then you shouldn’t have come here! Because I do not want you here!”, he shuts his eyes for a second, breathing out.
Taehyung doesn’t want stand there any longer. Because the more the alpha speaks, something breaks in him. The closer he is to Jungkook, the more his heart aches.

The omega turns to leave, steps hurried. He is afraid.

Afraid that this time too, if Jungkook requested, or called him too many times, then he would simply give in. Answer those calls. So Taehyung hurries to leaves the place.

But it seems, the alpha indeed, is luckier.

Because before Taehyung can walk a little too far away from him, Jungkook rushes to hold his wrist stopping him.

“Taehyung, please.”

“No! Not this time.”, Taehyung jerks his hand free. “I don’t know what are you still doing here, but you should leave.”

“Okay, I will leave.”, Jungkook says, “But before I do, I need to make sure that you have reached home safely. Please.”

“Stop this!”, Taehyung screams out in frustration, “It’s been one whole month since the wedding! Since we have been married, calling each other husbands!”

“I have known you for about 5 months now, Mr. Jeon. And all I have heard from you is that you want to keep me safe! Keep me protected!”, he pushes hard against Jungkook’s chest, “All you care about is my safety! My security! I don’t want to hear that! So shut up! Just stop!”
“Because that’s all I can offer, Taehyung.”, Jungkook lets out a breath, “That’s all I can provide you with. Safety, protection and security.”

“And I don’t want it!”, Taehyung hisses.

“I know you don’t want it.”, Jungkook’s voice calm as ever.

“That’s why I have made you a promise, you won’t have go through this for long.”, the alpha confirms again, “Just a few more months. After that, I wouldn’t bother you. The suffocating security, my bodyguards won’t be anywhere near you. I promise, I wouldn’t nag you any further.”
“Stop reminding me of that!”, Taehyung grits out.

“Okay. I am sorry.”, Jungkook is quick to reply.

Taehyung’s eyes remain on him still. “I don’t want to go home right now.”, he announces, arms crossed over his chest.

“You don’t want to go home?”, Jungkook asks.

“No.”, Taehyung shakes his head, “Not right now.”

“All right. Then tell me where you want to go.”

“I don’t know.”, Taehyung looks away, “And why should I even tell you about it?!”

“I know you don’t want me near you either.”, Jungkook steps closer, “But like I said, Taehyung, I cannot let go of you just yet. Not when I know there are people outside who can harm you, or even hurt you any chance they get.”

“Hurt me?”, Taehyung repeats.

“There are people outside who can hurt me?”

“Yes.”, Jungkook nods, “Quite a lot of them. And I know you are aware of them, too. I just cannot sit back at home when I know you are outside and there are people loitering around you with heinous intentions.”

“You know when I look at you, these eyes of yours tell me that they will keep me safe and secure at all costs.”, Taehyung steps closer, hands going to touch the alpha’s face. “They assure me of the protection. And I know I will be fine. Safe and sound like you keep saying.”
“I know you can and you will protect me and keep me far, far away from those wicked, unnamed people who would do anything to make sure I do not live another day to see the sun rise.”, the omega’s fingers trail Jungkook’s skin, “You will protect me better than anyone ever will.”
“You can protect me from the people lurking outside, yes.”, Taehyung agrees, “But what about the people who reside with me inside the house? Under the safe roof.”

“What do you mean?”

“You, Mr. Jeon.”, Taehyung points at him, “I am talking about you!”

“Can you please tell me, who is going to protect me from you?”, Taehyung’s eyes slowly gathering moisture, “You tell me that there are people outside who can hurt me, and there in fact are, but why do I feel that the only person who is capable of hurting me is you?”
“Why does it always feel that no matter how far I am from those monsters outside the house, I am never truly away from being hurt?!”, a shaky breath leaves his mouth, “Because I am living with the hurt. You hurt me. You constantly hurt me. Every minute. Every second.”
Those words lock Jungkook in his place. He doesn’t speak. Maybe he can’t speak this time. Can’t reply to that.

And the more the silence stretches, the more unbearable it gets for Taehyung. The omega is upset. Too hurt to comprehend his feelings.

Taehyung is angry at himself. He’s angry because he doesn’t know the reason behind the pain. The hurt. None of this of unexpected. He knew it all since the beginning. Jungkook had always made it clear. Then why does he keep hoping for otherwise?
Jungkook’s silence proves to be fuel to the fire of his anger. Taehyung can’t reason this time. Shit, he doesn’t even know why he’s mad at the alpha.

Jungkook came just because he wanted to make sure that Taehyung reaches home safely. What else? What was even Taehyung expecting?

Shouldn’t that be enough? That should be enough, right?

Because Jungkook is only keeping and fulfilling the only promise he made. To keep Taehyung safe. Protected. Then why does Taehyung feels this excruciating pain?

What does this pain even mean?

Taehyung doesn’t hold answer to those questions. Neither does the alpha’s silence help in any way.

“You wouldn’t back out until I get in that car, right?”, Taehyung finally speaks.

Jungkook still doesn’t respond, but his eyes never leave him alone.

“Fine.”, Taehyung pushes past the alpha walking towards the car.

When Jungkook hears the car door open and the close with a thud, he lets out a deep breath. And hurries to get inside the car himself.

The drive goes rather peacefully.

Taehyung doesn’t utter a word for quite some time, face turned away from the alpha looking out at the city.

And Jungkook’s eyes are busy scanning the roads.

“I don’t want to home right now. So drop me at Mimi’s place.”, Taehyung speaks.

“No.”, the reply comes quickly.

“No?”, Taehyung now turns to look at the alpha, “What do you mean ‘no’?”

“A no is a no.”, Jungkook shrugs, “There’s nothing more to it. You are not going to Jimin’s place tonight.”

“If you are worried about the security, then let me remind Yoongi holds a better security with more staff than you do.”, Taehyung explains, “So-”

“No, I am not worried about that.”, Jungkook’s eyes are still on the road, “I know the power and protection Yoongi hyung holds.”

“Then why can’t you just drop me there?!”, Taehyung grows furious, “I just don’t understand your problem!”

“I won’t drop you there because I don’t want to drop you there.”, Jungkook finally looks at him, “You will stay with me tonight.”

“You will not tell me that!”

“You don’t wanna go home?”, Jungkook says, “Fine. You don’t have to go home. Tell me, where do you want to go instead? I will take you there. But you are not leaving me tonight to go somewhere else.”

“Mimi’s place is not somewhere else!”, the omega grits out.

“It is somewhere else to me.”, Jungkook doesn’t back out.

Taehyung breathes out sharply before turning to look away.

“Tell me, where do you want to go?”, the alpha asks again, “I will take you there.”

“No matter where I say, you will take me there?”, Taehyung questions.

“As long as that place will allow me to stay by your side, yes.”, Jungkook nods, “I will take you there.”

“I want to go to the beach.”, Taehyung demands, “This city makes me sick!”

“All right.”, it doesn’t take Jungkook even a second to agree to that. “Beach it is then.”

The car comes to stop after around half hour.

Taehyung looks out at the vast sea open all in front of him.

Jungkook unbuckles the seat belt before getting out of the car. He rounds the car to go to Taehyung’s side, and hold the car door open for the omega.

Taehyung gets out, and soon he is welcomed by a soft fresh breeze that touches his soul.

The omega inhales deeply taking in as much air as he can.

Jungkook watches how the omega shudders a little as the cold wind blows too heavily.

Taehyung begins to walk towards the water then, without sparing a glance at the alpha whose eyes refuse to leave him.

Jungkook follows him right behind.

The omega walks aimlessly, a little too careless. He just wants to breathe a little.

He looks behind himself to find the alpha looking around. Eyes carefully taking in the surrounding.

Taehyung turns around entirely to face him.

And probably Jungkook noticed it too quickly, because now his eyes are back on him.

“Can I ask you something?”, Taehyung questions.

Jungkook only nods to that.

“Why did you scent me this morning?”, he asks, “Why were you so stubborn about it? I was only going to the university.”

“I always scent you before you leave to go anywhere.”, the alpha simply answers.

“Yes! And why do you always do that?”, Taehyung has a pout on his lips.

“I told you, Taehyung, I am always worried about your safety.”, Jungkook lets out a sigh, “I know you don’t want to hear but that’s the only truth. The people outside aren’t the kindest, Taehyung.”

“And both of us have had our fair share of experience to conclude that. After our wedding things only got worse, it seems, because now the media is almost ready to hunt us down. Drag us thought the dirt. And I don’t want any of it to come anywhere close to you.”
“Scenting you somehow calms my mind a little, a sort of assurance. Because then I know that, even if I am not physically present with you at all times, my scent is. So even if someone tries to cause you any harm, they will know the consequences, who they will have to deal with.”
Taehyung knew the reply would hurt. He knew he didn’t want to hear it. Not even a bit. But those words are so addictive. Those eyes hold so much truth, dedication. And Taehyung hates himself for wanting more of it. He wants it all.

And that wanting is the beginning of the end.

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Taehyung looks away. Not wanting to show the alpha how his eyes are glistening. How his face holds a painful expression.

Jungkook gets a note of it anyway. The omega’s scent gives away just a little too much. “Would like to have something?”

“Yeah, a few moments away from you.”

“Can’t give me that, can you?”

Jungkook seals his lips in a thin line at that. Not sure what to reply.

“We are literally here, at the beach!”, Taehyung gives him a deadpan look, “What do you mean, if I would like to have something?”

“It’s already 9 P.M., and I am sure you haven’t had anything since lunch.”, Jungkook elaborates, “So I was wondering, you would like to have something? Maybe some sweet corn?”

Taehyung blinks rapidly, somewhat taken aback, “Sweet corn?”

“Yeah!”, Jungkook nods, “You see that cafe there?”, he points out at a little shop, lights flickering, but still somehow looks warm. “The shop doesn’t look at its best health condition right now, but the food and the service is extremely compromising. But if you aren’t-”
“I would love to have some sweet corn right now.”, Taehyung doesn’t let him complete the sentence.

Jungkook smiles at that, “Alright then. Shall we head towards it?”, he gestures.

Taehyung nods before following the alpha who is careful not to walk too fast.

The cafe, as expected, is quite small but extremely homely. The warmth of the tiny place makes Taehyung smile. The fresh smell of coffee, hot breadstick making him hungry.

“Why don’t you find us a table, and I get the order done?”, Jungkook asks after they enter the cafe.

Taehyung accepts the offer and the alpha watches him scan the little room before his eyes settle on the table near the vast open window.

Taehyung secures them the place. Two chairs facing each other, while the window views the beautiful beach, and the heavy waves.

Taehyung sits down at the table looking around the room to find the cafe rather empty. Maybe the night is at fault. Only three people sharing a table on the other side of the room. Maybe a group of friends.

“Liking the view?”, Jungkook comes back with a tray in his hands.

“It’s nice here.”, Taehyung watches the alpha place the small bowls of sweet corn in front of him.

“I am glad you liked it.”, Jungkook sits down facing the omega. “This is place is run by an old couple. They are extremely hardworking. Maintain this place quite well.”

“Yeah, they do!”, Taehyung smiles.

“Come on, take a bite.”, Jungkook requests, “I am sure you will like it.”

Taehyung does. He takes a bite, and with the flavours melting in his mouth, the omega realises that this is the best sweet corn he has ever tasted.

“This is so good!”, Taehyung exclaims.

Jungkook is glad. He really is. The satisfaction to see his omega pleased and happy make him smile.

“Knew it.”, he lets out a breath, “They also have some hot chocolate. Would you like some? It’s pretty good, too!”

“Do you come here often?”, Taehyung asks suddenly.

“Uh, not exactly often.”, Jungkook answers, “But yeah, I used to come here a lot during my college days.”

“With your dates?”

The question is so unexpected, Jungkook is on the verge of choking on the sweet corn in his mouth.

“Pardon?”, he coughs, wide eyes finding the omega who is a little too curious right now.

“You used to bring your dates here?”, Taehyung elaborates this time.

“No!”, Jungkook shakes his head jerkily, “No, no. That-“, he pauses, “Uh, that never happened.”

“So you didn’t bring any of your dates here?”, Taehyung questions.

“No.”, Jungkook replies quickly, “Never.”

“So where did you use to take them?”, Taehyung tilts his head, face holding an expression unknown to Jungkook. “Some other fancy restaurant?”

“Wait, do you used to take your dates to your place?”, Taehyung almost screams out, mouth parted in shock at his thoughts, “Like your house?!”

“No, Taehyung.”, Jungkook tries to calm the omega down, “No. That’s-”

“So like, their place? What the hell-”

“No, no.”, Jungkook shakes his head frantically, “Nobody’s place, Taehyung. You are misunderstanding-”

Taehyung is way too upset right now to misunderstand anything, “So tell me, where?! If I am misunderstanding, then-”

“I have never dated anyone.”, the alpha answers finally.

Taehyung goes absolutely quiet at that answer. “You-“, he tries to speak, “You haven’t dated anyone?”


“Like never ever dated anyone?”


“What even-“, Taehyung gives an unimpressed look. “Stop playing with me right now.”

“Just because I don’t know you well enough, doesn’t mean you will lie to me like this.”

“But I am not lying to you.”, Jungkook tries to tell him. “I told you, I have never lied to you. I don’t lie to you.”

Taehyung doesn’t respond to that.

Those doe eyes hold so much honesty, so much truth that Taehyung finds it a little to difficult to not trust those words.

“So you haven’t dated anyone through out college?”, Taehyung breathes out.

“No.”, Jungkook shakes his head, determined to make him believe the truth.

“What about school?”, Taehyung enquires, “Have you dated anyone in school?”

“No.”, Jungkook says again, “I told you, I have never dated anyone in my life.”

Taehyung lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. A breathe of relief, joy. The answers somehow making him happy.

“So you have literally never experienced dating a person?”, Taehyung smiles a little. “Didn’t have your first kiss yet? That’s cu-”

“No, that’s not true.”, Jungkook’s brows furrowed, “I have had my first kiss quite some time back.”

“What!?”, the reply has shocked the omega.

“What do you mean you have had your first kiss?!”, Taehyung’s nostrils flared, hands coiling to form fists, “You just now said that you have never dated anyone in your life!”

“Yeah, because I have never.”, Jungkook nods, shrugging, “How is first kiss related to dating?”

“Because-“, Taehyung freezes before uttering another word, “Wait”, he leans forward a little, “Have you ever slept with someone?”

“Yeah, I have.”, Jungkook answer casually. Almost instantly.

Taehyung doesn’t like the sound of it. His jaws clenching.

“Of course!”, Taehyung huffs out as his tongue caresses the inside of his cheek, “Of course, you have slept with someone!”, he grits out pulling away to rest against the chair.


“Nothing.”, Taehyung replies coldly, “You have never dated but, you have slept with someone?”

“I mean”, Jungkook laughs awkwardly, “That’s how one-night stands work, right? You don’t date, just sleep.”

“One-night what?!”, if the previous reply had Taehyung upset, this current one has him infuriated. “You have had one-night stand?! You little-”

“Stands.”, the alpha corrects him, “One-night stands.”

“Shut the fuck up, Mr. Jeon.”, Taehyung’s voice has a warning tone to it, “You will speak only when you are asked to.”

“Okay.”, Jungkook simply nods.

“How many?”, Taehyung asks then.


“How many people have you slept with?”, Taehyung hisses.

“Maybe three or four.”, Jungkook bites his lower lip, thinking, “I am not exactly sure of the accurate number.”

“Three or four?!”, Taehyung gives him a laugh in disbelief.

Taehyung looks away, inhaling deeply as he tries to focus on anything else other than on the alpha’s words. He doesn’t want to hear, or he might do something he, himself, wouldn’t like.


“I don’t want to talk about anything anymore.”, the omega doesn’t look at him.

Jungkook mumbles a little ‘okay’. Not sure what he’s supposed to do.

After a few minutes in complete silence, the alpha asks, “Would you like some hot chocolate though?”

“No.”, Taehyung’s fists tightens.

“Some coffee?”


The silence follows after that. Jungkook isn’t sure what is going on, Taehyung doesn’t want to know what is going on.

It is when the sky starts to get filled with dark clouds, and the lightning creates a show with the thunder roaring that Taehyung announces, “Ice cream.”

“I want ice cream.”, he finally looks at Jungkook.

“Ice cream?”, Jungkook repeats, as if unsure of what he just heard, “Taehyung, it’s not really an ice cream kind of weather. You see, I think it’s going to rain soon. The clouds-”

“I want ice cream.”

“Taehyung, you have to understand. Having an ice cream, or anything cold right now might-”

“I want ice cream. And that’s it.”, Taehyung sticks to decision, “Either get me one, or I am not talking to you ever again.”

“Taehyung-“, Jungkook tries again.

“Ice cream or nothing.”, it was a demand all this time, but right now it’s a threat.

Taehyung threatening at this point.

And you see, Jungkook is a weak man when it comes to his omega. So he gives in. Succumbs to the pressure.

As soon as the ice cream is handed over to the omega, Taehyung has somewhat of a calm expression.

“I want to go home now.”, he has a pout sitting on his lips, doesn’t look at Jungkook.

“Alright.”, the alpha smiles. No reason behind it, he just smiles. “Let’s go back home now.”

The journey back home goes rather quieter than expected.

And by the time, Taehyung enters his bedroom, the ice cream is finished and he’s is way too tired.

The omega heads directly towards the closet, to change and freshen up after a light shower.

Taehyung comes back from the shower wearing his satin night suit, all comfy and ready for the night. And by the time his little skincare routine is done, it’s already 1:30 A.M.

He lies down on his bed pulling the soft blanket up to his chin. Taehyung closes his eyes.

The sleep never comes. Taehyung shifts from one side of the bed to the other, but nothing helps. Even with the tiredness, the expected sleep refuses to come.

The omega sits up on his bed. Breathing out sharply. “This is all his fault.”, he snarls almost. “I hate him.”

“He slept with three to four people?!”, he repeats, the blanket grasped tightly, “I can’t believe he just said out like that! That too in front of me! Who the heck does he think he is!? Unendurable! I-”

The knock on the door breaks the omega’s speech mid-way.

Taehyung frowns at first, then he looks up at the clock, which flashes a sharp 2:45 A.M.

“Who could it be at this ti-“, he pauses.

The omega’s heart beats a little faster as he gets out of the bed and starts to find his way to the door.

Taehyung opens the door to Jungkook.

The alpha is in his grey pajamas.

Something about the look is so painfully cozy, homey that it makes Taehyung’s heart skip a beat.

The sight makes the omega feel warm as the alpha’s mossy woods scent with a sweet undertone embraces him.

“What is it?”, Taehyung chokes out, gulping.

“Why are you still awake?”, Jungkook asks leaning against the door frame.

“Now you have a problem with that too?”, Taehyung cocks a brow.

“Yes.”, the alpha nods, “I have a problem with that.”

Taehyung’s lips part before he can even speak, “Excuse me?! How dare you-”

“Are you feeling unwell?”, Jungkook sounds worried, “Sick, maybe? I mean, after finishing that gigantic bucket of ice cream it isn’t something unexpected. Tell me, do you-”

“Can you stop worrying for like once?!”, the omega sounds frustrated, “Why do you have to be this way evey single time?”

“Then maybe stop doing stuff that will make me worry.”, Jungkook shrugs.

“I did nothing to cause any sort of worrying for that matter.”

“Ah, yes!”, the alpha snorts, “Of course, you did absolutely nothing to worry me.”

“Wait, did you just snort at me?”, Taehyung gives him a pointed glare, “And was that sarcasm in your voice?”

The alpha doesn’t reply to that. And Taehyung is too busy glaring at him.

A few seconds pass like that.

“Are you mad at me?”, Jungkook breaks the silence with a faint smile on his lips.

Taehyung’s jaw lock at that question, he looks away.

“Taehyung?”, the alpha calls again.

But this times, Taehyung takes a few steps back. Turning completely away from Jungkook.

The alpha enters the room then. Following his husband.

“I am asking you something, Taehyung.”, Jungkook speaks, “Tell me, are you mad at me?”

The omega doesn’t answer.

Taehyung keeps walking until he comes to a stop in front of the floor to ceiling window that looks out at the city.

“Why do you ask?”, he finally speaks.

“Because I feel that you are upset with me.”, Jungkook mentions.

“Why, have you done something to upset me?”

“I am not sure about that, to be honest.”, Jungkook says, honest, “I felt, as if you aren’t exactly happy with me. So I wanted to confirm, if I am right.”

“If you don’t think you have done anything to upset me, then no, I am not upset with you.”, Taehyung’s voice harsh almost.

“Then why aren’t you looking at me?”, Jungkook shoves his hands back in his pockets as he speaks. “You haven’t looked at me since we left the cafe. There must be a reason behind it.”

“There is no reason.”, Taehyung rages.

“No reason?”, the alpha repeats.

“No, no reason.”

“Then look at me.”

“I don’t want to look at you.”, Taehyung hisses.

“Why don’t you want to look at me?”, Jungkook takes some steps towards him.

“Because I just don’t want to.”

“Give me a reason then.”

“No, I will not.”

“Then look at me.”, Jungkook’s voice holds a challenging tone.

And although it only adds to Taehyung’s burning rage, the omega doesn’t give it. He doesn’t look at him.

The alpha waits. For a reply. Waits for his husband to answer his calls. But Taehyung just doesn’t.

Jungkook breathes out a defeated sigh, before he reaches out himself. His one arm going to hold Taehyung’s elbow making him turn to face him, while the other finds its way around the omega’s waist pulling him closer. “There you are!”, the alpha smiles biting down his lower lip.
Taehyung sucks in a breathe at the sudden unexpected gesture. But he doesn’t complain against it nevertheless. His own hands going to rest on the alpha’s broad chest.

“Now tell me, why are you mad at me?”, Jungkook repeats his question.

“I am not mad at you.”, Taehyung’s eyes casted back at nothing in particular.

“Look at me, Taehyung.”, Jungkook demands.

But the omega refuses to follow.

“Taehyung, look at me.”, Jungkook pulls him closer some more. A little too close.

The proximity makes it extremely difficult for Taehyung to not match those eyes. He submits to the alpha’s requests. Eyes easily finding Jungkook.

Jungkook smiles then.

But Taehyung doesn’t. A very prominent pout plastered over his lips.

“I will ask this one last time.”, Jungkook speaks, “Why are you mad at me?”

“I am not mad at you.”, Taehyung finally murmurs an answer.

“So what’s this little pout doing on your lips?”, Jungkook’s grip tightens around his waist.

The question, the closeness mess with Taehyung’s head. He can’t seem to think straight, or properly any longer. The alpha’s strong pheromones are posing to be a hindrance on his path of being mad at him.

“Not going to answer as well?”, Jungkook’s voice turns heavy, “I see.”

“Are you mad at me because I mentioned that I have had one-night stands before?”, the alpha tilts his head slightly.

Taehyung grips Jungkook’s t-shirt hard at that. Jaws clenched as the question is raised.

Jungkook gets his answer then.

“You know they were just one-night stands, right?”, Jungkook softly rubs his arms as he speaks, “They don’t mean anything. Not to me, at least. That’s why I said I haven’t dated anyone in my life. Because I have never considered those as anything more than what they are.”
“You have to know, Taehyung, that back then, I had not found someone with whom I wanted to spend my time, or my days, or nights, let alone share my life.”, Jungkook explains, “Love wasn’t something that I considered. Nobody made me feel. I have never truly felt love, Taehyung.”
“So you have never fallen in love?”, Taehyung asks finally.

“No.”, Jungkook shakes his head, “I have never fallen in love. Not considered it as something important. Or, something worth having. Not even once.”

“Never felt love?”

“Never. Never felt love.”

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It is silence that follows. Neither of them ready to take their eyes off of each other.

Taehyung doesn’t want to let of the alpha. Hands gripping the t-shirt all too tightly.

“Please don’t mad at me.”, Jungkook whispers.

“I am not.”, Taehyung mumbles, “I am not mad at you.”

“Are you sure?”, Jungkook asks one last time.

“Of course, I am sure. What you mean?”, Taehyung frowns.

“Well, your little pout is telling me otherwise.”, the alpha teases.

Jungkook’s hand reaches to hold the omega’s face, thumb pressed against his cheek.

“Why don’t you head to bed?”, Jungkook tells him, “Get some sleep, maybe? It’s been long day.”

“I don’t know.”, Taehyung’s eyes flicker away, “I can’t sleep. Not really sleepy either.”

Jungkook hums, thinking, “Any reasons behind it?”

Taehyung wants to say that the alpha is reason behind it. The fact that Jungkook was with someone else before him is the reason why every time he’s closing his eyes a nagging feeling is engulfing his mind. And he hates it.

But the alpha has already explained his side.

His reasons are quite solid, I’d Taehyung is being honest. One-night stands aren’t something he hasn’t heard of. Those weren’t a topic that made him upset in any way. Not even the slightest.

But why does Jungkook talking about it, or even mentioning it, make his skin crawl?

Taehyung doesn’t understand. But he doesn’t want to complain about it. Not when the alpha hasn’t given him any right to complain. He doesn’t hold that power.

“No.”, he shakes his head a little, “No reasons behind it.”

Jungkook’s thumb rubs that cheek, soft, careful. The sourness in the omega’s scent slowly starting to fade as that familiar intoxicating floral scent takes over.

Jungkook breathes in, his heart filling up with warmth. The alphas’s own pheromones begin to make its presence felt.

The alpha notices how Taehyung’s eyes are a little glistened now. Jungkook doesn’t understand the reason behind it. He really doesn’t.

“You should sleep.”, he says.

Taehyung nods, “You should get some rest, too. You must be tired.”

“Y-yeah. Yeah.”

Neither of them move.

Taehyung’s eyes slowly flicker over to the alphas’s lips. He holds his breathe in slightly.

Jungkook’s lips are a little parted, as if he wants to speak. Like, there’s something he wants to say. So Taehyung waits. He wants to hear the alpha.

But Jungkook doesn’t speak. Instead his right hand, which has been holding Taehyung’s waist all this time begins to move.

The alpha reaches to hold Taehyung’s wrist bringing his hand closer to his lips.

Taehyung waits, breathing and not breathing. He waits for his alpha.

Jungkook slowly begins to kiss his finger tips. One at a time. His eyes closed.

But Taehyung’s eyes refuse to move away from the alpha.

Taehyung lets out a shaky breath as soon as his finger tip touches the alphas’s lips. He gulps, unable to get a hold of himself.

As Jungkook’s lips move from one fingertip to the other, Taehyung finds himself melting. His heart beat no more in control.

“Jungkook… “, a moan escapes his mouth.

The alpha doesn’t stop. His movements slow. He takes his time. Kisses each fingertip, as if it’s his last.

When there are no more fingertips left to kiss, Jungkook opens his eyes. His thumbs rubbing Taehyung’s knuckles.

“Good night, Taehyung.”, the alpha breathes out, eyes finally finding Taehyung.

The omega nods, incapable of uttering a word.

“Won’t wish me good night?”

“G-good night.”, Taehyung chokes out, grasping for a little air.

Jungkook smiles then. A smile so tender that the omega is beginning to lose himself again.

“Good night.”, Jungkook lets go of Taehyung, taking slow steps away from him while his eyes never leave his omega alone.

It’s 9 A.M. in the morning when Taehyung is walking down the stairs to make his way to the dining area.

The alpha is already there. Breakfast in front of him.

“How many times I have told you to not bring work to the table?”, Taehyung’s voice makes Jungkook look up at him.

“Good morning.”, Jungkook smiles.

“Well, the morning isn’t really good when all I see on the table are files and your damn laptop.”, Taehyung takes his seat next to the alpha.

“I am sorry.”, Jungkook hurries to gather and keep them aside and off the table.

“Why haven’t you started with your breakfast?”, the omega starts to butter a toast.

“Umm”, Jungkook frowns, “What do you mean why haven’t I started? It’s your actually.”


“It took you around 1 hour and 27 minutes to be here.”

“Okay, and?”, Taehyung puts the buttered toast on Jungkook’s plate.

“What?”, the alpha pours a glass of juice placing it in front of his husband. “How can I start without you?”

Taehyung doesn’t reply to that. He simply focuses on buttering another toast.

Mornings are usually easier and much quieter in the Kim-Jeon household.

“I will be home a little early today.”, Taehyung takes a last sip of the juice from his glass.

Jungkook nods, “Any specific reason behind it?”

“Not really.”, Taehyung informs.

“I have just two lectures and one extra class for an internship.”, he adds, “So I will be done around 5 P.M., I guess.”

“Are you sure?”, Jungkook asks.

“What do you mean?”

“You usually stay back at university even after your lectures for extra classes.”

“So I just wanted to confirm whether it’s solid this time or not.”, he explains.

“Are you trying to tease me?”, Taehyung raises his brows.

“No”, Jungkook lets out a chuckle, “I am really not. I am just asking.”

“Don’t be a saint with me right now, Mr. Jeon.”, Taehyung points a finger at him.

“Or what?”, Jungkook reaches to hold that finger pointed at him, “Gonna complain about it to your appa?”, a smirk plastered over his lips.

Taehyung glares but doesn’t speak.

“You will be done by 5 P.M. today?”, Jungkook asks again.

Taehyung nods.

“Good. I will be waiting for you outside the campus at around that time then.”, Jungkook tells him.

“No.”, Taehyung pulls out his finger from the alphas’s hold.



“Why not?”

“The reason why I brought the topic out is because I wanted to inform you about something, so that you don’t worry about me, or get upset later on.”

“And what’s the reason?”, Jungkook tilts his head.

“Mimi, Bogum hyung and I had previously planned a meet-up. And we thought that today would be a good day to go out.”, Taehyung smiles, “So yeah, after the classes are done, I will be going-”



“You will not go out with them.”, Jungkook’s voice drops, “Not today.”

“What do you mean I will not go out with them?”, Taehyung’s brows snapped together, “Of course, I will go out with them.”

“No, you will not, Taehyung.”

“You can’t just-”

“Today, Yoongi hyung is out of town, so Jimin will be on his own. And to be honest, I don’t have any issues regarding that. Because in Yoongi hyung’s absence, Jimin will be surrounded by way too many bodyguards than necessary, which is good.”, Jungkook says.

“Then what’s the problem?”, Taehyung sounds very upset, “If it’s all good, if there are more bodyguards, then there shouldn’t be any problem, right? Why are you saying-”

“Bogum.”, Jungkook’s expression turn blank, “He is the problem.”

“What?!”, Taehyung is perplexed, “How is Bogum hyung a problem?! You know Bogum hyung! You even met him on our wedding day!”

“Yes, I do know him. Even met him before.”, Jungkook accepts, “But do I trust him around you? No.”

“You do not trust anyone around me for that matter!”, Taehyung bangs his fist on the table.

“That is pretty much correct.”, Jungkook shrugs thinking about it.


“Taehyung, you can’t take reckless decisions like these. You need to understand.”

“Understand what?!”, Taehyung snarls.

“Understand that the people outside our circle can be extremely dangerous.”, Jungkook raises his voice a little, “And you behaving this way will give them a direct access to harm, or hurt you! Posing as a great threat to your safety!”

“Bogum hyung is in the circle!”, Taehyung defends.

“No, he is not.”

“So you want me locked up in this house!?”, Taehyung gets up from his chair, “That’s what you want!?”

“Taehyung-“, Jungkook stands up too following him, trying to reach out. Calm the omega down.

“No!”, Taehyung shouts out, “You will not try to give me another damn reason trying to solidify your point! I don’t want to hear that crap about security and safety and whatever the hell you keep mentioning over and over again! I told you, I am sick and tired of it!”
“I know I take reckless decisions, and wrong decisions even. But at least, those are my decisions! I chose it.”, Taehyung takes a few steps away from, “And that makes me happy! Makes me feel free! But whatever you are doing-“, he pauses, “I feel suffocated.”
“I know you care deeply about my safety and protection. And I understand that.”, Taehyung breathes out, “But you have to understand, Mr. Jeon, that my life has been very different. I want to spend some time freely without the constant nagging fear of being attacked or harmed.”
“And you are taking that away from me.”, Taehyung’s voice breaks, “And I hate it.”

Jungkook fails to speak or reply to that, let alone argue against it.

He watches the omega whose eyes now feel so hurt, whose expression so pained.

Taehyung leaves the room without another word.

Back at the University, classes go smoothly.

But the day appears to be rather long for the omega.

And by the time, Taehyung is on his way back to his office room after the last class of the day, he is informed that a visitor has been waiting for him.

And as soon as Taehyung opens the door to enter the room, the familiar rich woody scent with an earthy undertone embraces him.

“Good evening, Professor.”, Jungkook turns around, lips curls up at the arrival of the omega.

“If you are here to make sure that I don’t go out tonight with Mimi and Bogum hyung”, Taehyung shuts the behind himself, “Then let me inform you, I have already cancelled the plan. So we aren’t going anywhere. And I am about to head directly.”

“I know you canceled the meet-up.”

“Then why are you here?”, Taehyung walks past him to go pick up a few of his documents.

“I am here to inform you that that the meet-up has been recommenced.”, Jungkook’s smile doesn’t dim, “And we should be leaving in about 10 minutes, if we do not want to be late.”

“What?”, Taehyung turns around with a surprised expression, “You-“, he fumbles before starting to walk towards the alpha, “How? When-”

“Well, a few hours back, I had called Jimin because I had guess that by then, you must have called him to cancel the plan.”



AGE SWAP: Jungkook is older than Taehyung.

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“And like always, I was right.”, his smile widens, “I requested him to not postpone the meet-up. And that there was no need of rescheduling it because it is to be resume.”, he elaborates, “I even called Bogum after that to inform him the same.”

“You did what?”

“You-“, Taehyung’s lips part before he takes one final step closer to the alpha, “Why would you do that? In the morning, you said that it not safe-”

“I know I said that the plan wasn’t the safest.”, Jungkook reaches to hold Taehyung’s hands, “And I will still say the same.”

“But then, I realized that irrespective of the place or time, or even people, the constant danger, the sense of fear, the threat will be always be persistent. It will probably never go away.”, Jungkook’s eyes focused on their joined hands.
“But that doesn’t imply that we can’t even breathe freely. Or, meet our friends, go out and have fun.”, he looks up to match the omega’s wide pair of eyes, “I am sorry, Taehyung. I am sorry for always posing as hindrance to your freedom, your independence, your happiness.”
“I am sorry, Taehyung.”, he squeezes his hands, “I really am.”

“I hate you.”, Taehyung mumbles.

“You should.”, the alphas’s eyes hold an emotion that’s too dark. Taehyung tries to decipher only to fail. “You should hate me. You have all the rights to.”

“Now shouldn’t we really get going?”, Jungkook cocks a brow before taking a look at his watch.

Taehyung wants to say he doesn’t want to leave this room. He wants to stay here, close to his alpha. He wants to be selfish, and ditch the plan to go back home with Jungkook.

“Come on, let’s go. We will be late otherwise.”

And Taehyung is almost being dragged out of the room by the alpha who seems to be a little too excited about it, much to Taehyung’s disappointment.

But the omega finds it difficult to complain against it.

They reach the destination a little too early for Taehyung’s liking.

He likes it when even the car feels warm. The feeling of having his alpha next to him automatically curls his lips up.

Jungkook finds a spot in the parking lot of the restaurant before k!lling the engine.

“Here we are!”, he breathes out turning to face Taehyung.

“Yeah, we are here.”, Taehyung says dryly.

“Hey, where’s the expected smile?”, Jungkook frowns.

Taehyung wants to say the was never an expected smile. The alpha expects too much.

Taehyung doesn’t respond, he simply turns to unbuckle his seat belt before opening the car door.

“Wait!”, Jungkook reaches to grab his arm preventing him from getting out of the car.

“What is it?”

Taehyung watches the alpha bring out a bag from the rear seat of the car.

“It is cold outside today. And today morning when he left, you carrying anything warm with you.”, Jungkook pulls out a red scarf that the bag had been holding all this time. “So I thought to get you something that will protect you from the cold.”
Taehyung’s eyes are on the alpha, lips parted. He tries to speak but fails nevertheless.

“Come here?”, Jungkook asks.

Taehyung goes easily.

The alpha wraps the scarf around the omega’s neck, tying a little knot, “If you feel too hot inside the restaurant, get rid of it. Okay?”

Taehyung thinks that even if he sweats blood inside the restaurant, he still wouldn’t shrug out of it. Let alone get rid of it.

Jungkook pulls away then, a satisfied smile on his lips, “Okay, perfect!”

Taehyung remains frozen on his seat though, he doesn’t move an inch.

“Taehyung”, Jungkook leans forward a little, “It’s getting late. Jimin and Bogum must be waiting for you. Shouldn’t keep them waiting any longer.”

“Y-yeah!”, Taehyung nods jerkily, “Yeah, we should go.”

Taehyung opens the car door, but something stops him.

Taehyung turns around to find the alpha sitting right there, not making any movements to get out of the car, “What?”

“What’s the matter?”, Jungkook frowns, “Any problem arose?”

“Why aren’t you getting out of the car?”, Taehyung asks, brows furrowed.

“Aren’t you coming with me?”

“Of course not, Taehyung.”, Jungkook shakes his head, “I can’t afford to ruin your meet-up, too. I know I have been quite a bother for some time now.”, he laughs, “Brought nothing but trouble with myself. Tormented you, nagged you a little too much.”

“But trust me, I have tried my best to keep myself away from you as much as possible. So that you stay happy. You feel free.”, he exhales sharply, “Without someone constantly being around you like a bug, bringing you nothing but annoyance, upsetting you at all times.”
“I don’t want to bring you any sadness, Taehyung. Not anymore.”, Jungkook gulps as his muscles tense, “I keep my trying my hardest to maintain the farthest possible distance from you. But I haven’t been doing a good job, huh? Seems like I have got to try harder.”
“I want to keep you safe, Taehyung. Away from all the pain, the sadness. A place where you receive nothing but happiness.”, Jungkook grips the steering wheel tightly, “A place where no one can hurt you. A place away from me. And I promise, I will give you that. I promise.”
Taehyung wants to speak against it. He wants to say that no place on this earth is safer for him than the alpha’s arms. Taehyung wants to tell Jungkook that he is the source of all his happiness. He is the reason why Taehyung looks forward to waking up each day. A source of love.
But Jungkook’s eyes are burning with something so vastly devastating, so painfully deep that Taehyung finds himself lost in its depth.

And before the omega can utter a word, Jungkook speaks, “You should leave, Taehyung.”, he shuts his eyes before turning away from him, “Please.”

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“Tae”, Jimin puts his hand over the omega next to him grabbing his attention, “You know you can relax for a bit, right?”

Bogum lets out a chuckle, “Let him be. He’s missing his alpha.”

“I am not missing him.”, Taehyung rolls his eyes.

“Of course, you are not.”, Jimin gives an unimpressed look, “That’s why since the moment you sat down at this table, you are either checking your phone for his message or staring at the clock only to realise it hasn’t been that late for you to make an excuse and leave.”
“Or, you are looking at the exit, as if you are ready to run back to your husband any moment.”


“What Mimi?!”, Jimin sounds extremely disappointed, “Stop looking around and focus on us. We are literally here, right in front of you.”

“I am sorry.”, Taehyung mumbles.

“Okay, now tell me.”, Bogum smiles, “Why that sad face? Worried about something?”

“Uh”, Taehyung hesitates at first, “It’s kind of cold outside.”

“Yeah, we know, Tae.”, Jimin nods, “And what about it?”

“He’s outside.”, Taehyung whispers, looking away.

Jimin and Bogum collectively let out a sigh.

“Is he really serious right now?”, Jimin asks Bogum.

The man shrugs, then speaks, “Tae, he’s not exactly outside like that. I mean, he must be sitting in the car. Waiting for you.”

“And what if he’s not?”, Taehyung’s eyes are filled with worry, “He’s way too careless with himself. Doesn’t look after himself well enough at all. And just-”

“Okay, okay!”, Jimin reaches to hold his arms, “We need to calm down first.”

“Your husband is a grown ass man, Tae. I am sure he can’t be that sloppy to wait outside the car in this cold weather.”

“I don’t kno-”

“And if it is worrying you this much, why don’t we request him to join us here?”, Bogum suggests.

“Yeah, exactly!”, Jimin nods, “Wait, why didn’t you ask him to join us anyway, while you were coming?”

Taehyung is silent at that.

“Seriously, Tae.”, Bogum frowns, “You should have asked him to join us. It would been amazing! Like, I would have loved that, honestly.”

When Taehyung doesn’t reply, Jimin asks him, “Tae, what’s the matter?”

“I don’t know. He said, he didn’t want to join us here, and ruin things for me.” Taehyung’s eyes are focused on particularly nothing.

“What?”, Jimin’s brows snapped together. “What do you mean ‘ruin’?”

“Said he can’t take this happiness away from me.”, the omega’s eyes slowly beginning to glisten.

“How can he ever take the happiness away when he, himself, is literally the source of your happiness? The reason behind your smiles.”, Bogum breathes out, smiling.

“Well, by not being here, not joining us, he did in fact take your happiness away from you.”, Jimin raises his brows, “So in that sense-”

“I want to-“, Taehyung pauses, hands forming fists, “He just told me that since I will here with you guys, away from him, I will be happy.”

“And what did you say to that?”, Jimin questions.

“I-“, Taehyung stutters, “I didn’t-“, he doesn’t have an answer, “I didn’t say anything.”

“What do you mean, Tae?”, Bogum leans forward, resting his elbow on the table.

“I mean, I don’t know why he would ever say that. But like, he’s definitely holding certain things only to himself. And therefore, the huge misunderstanding. Didn’t you try to-”

“We don’t speak-“, Taehyung pauses, “I mean, our relationship isn’t like that.”

“You two are husbands, Tae.”, Jimin speaks then, “If there’s something that he’s saying which affecting the relationship that you two share, then you must speak to it about it. You can’t just keep shut here. It will only lead to more problems.”

Taehyung doesn’t reply to that.

“See, we aren’t the ones who should tell you what to do regarding your relationship. Actually is allowed to speak on it, but you two.”, Bogum says, “But since you mentioned it, Tae, we just think that things clearly aren’t on the right track between you two.”
“So I should talk to him?”, Taehyung asks, voice soft.

“Yes, most definitely.”, Jimin nods, eager. “I am surprised that you haven’t yet done that.”

“What should I tell him?”, Taehyung’s brows furrowed at that, “I mean, there’s this-”

“Talk to him, tell him about your feelings.”, Bogum assures, “By what I have heard about Jungkook, I am sure that he will be more that patient and understanding with you. No matter much time you want to take, I am certain he will wait for you. So, take your time but talk to him.”
“Tell him what you feel, Tae.”, Jimin urges almost, “I am requesting you. Please don’t keep your feelings and emotions for him to yourself. Because at the end of the day, both of you are being hurt here. You are hurting yourself too much, bub. You need to let go just a little.”
“Okay.”, Taehyung finally nods, “Okay, I will talk to him. Try to tell him about it. Yes, I will talk to him.”

“That’s like my baby!”, Jimin grins. “Now come on, cheer up!”

“Seems like the food is getting a bit too cold, shouldn’t we start eating?”, Bogum cocks a brow.

“You guys start, I will leave.”, Taehyung takes a hold of his bag.

“What?!”, Jimin is almost startled, “What you mean leav-”

“Mimi, you guys said, right?”, Taehyung tries to convince, “That I should talk to him?”

“Yeah, but we didn’t mean it like right now?”, Jimin jerks his shoulder up. “Why would-”

“But I want to talk to him right now!”, Taehyung is almost breathless, “Mimi, please. I really want to talk to him.”

“But Tae, atleast take a bite.”, Bogum says, “You ate nothing till now.”

“I know. But like, I can’t eat. I really can’t.”, Taehyung shakes his head, “Jungkook went to pick me up from university directly from office, so I am sure he hasn’t eaten anything either. I can’t just sit here and eat when I know he hasn’t eaten anything.”
“Wait”, Jimin leans back, “Were they always this lovey-dovey?”

Bogum bites back his chuckle, shaking hia head lightly.

“Guys, please.”, Taehyung begs almost, “I promise, next we are having a meet-up, I will not even think about anything else but us, and even stay back late.”

“But now, please. Please can I go? I promise, I will-”

“Okay, God!”, Jimin breathes out, raising his voice, “Fine, go. Go and kiss your husband and tell him how much you missed him. And how much you hate being away from him. God! You make it impossible to say no to you.”

“Yeah, go, Tae.”, Bogum smiles brightly. “All the best, bub.”

“I am love you guys so much. Seriously!”, Taehyung finds himself a little too overjoyed, a little too relieved. A feeling that he has been craving for the last one hour without his alpha.

“We love you, too.”

Taehyung’s lips curled up, as he hurries to find his way out, exiting the restaurant.

As soon as the door is opened to him, ans the cold winter breeze hits his face, he realises just how much he has been missing the alpha.

He begins to make his way towards the parking area.

It isn’t Jungkook who comes into the view at first, but a woman.

The alpha is currently in a deep conversation with a woman. A woman unknown to Taehyung.

And as soon as Taehyung’s eyes land on the two of them, he finds himself a little too upset for his own good.

Taehyung’s steps turn slow as he approaches them. His hands coiling to form tight fists.

“Ah, Taehyung-ssi.”, it’s the unknown woman who notices the omega first. She bows.

Taehyung doesn’t acknowledge her, only glares.

“Taehyung?”, Jungkook has a frown sitting on his face as he turns around to find the omega right behind him. “You are here?”, he takes a takes towards him, concerned, “Everything’s-”

“Why?”, Taehyung’s eyes are finally on him now, “I shouldn’t be here?”

“No, that’s not-“, Jungkook shakes his head, trying to understand.

“Who is she?”, Taehyung’s eyes are back on her. He doesn’t wait for the alpha to answer.

“Uh”, Jungkook realises then, that the Yoojin is still there standing behind him, “This is Yoojin, Taehyung.”

“She works at our company.”, he introduces, “In the sales department.”

“Oh, in the sales department, huh?”, Taehyung lets out a low chuckle, “Seems like you know a lot about her.”, he gives the alpha a smile.


“Sir, Taehyung-ssi.”, Yoojin speaks then, breaking the conversation. “I will take your leave now.”, she bows, “It’s getting a little. I feel, I should head home.”, she awkwardly says.

“Woah! Seems like our thoughts are matching here, Yoojin.”, Taehyung speaks, loud and clear.

Yoojin laughs a little at that, unsure of what it was supposed to mean. Or, what’s supposed to do in this situation. She bows one more time, “Good night, sir.”

Taehyung watches her rushing to leave the spot, leaving the couple alone.

“Taehyung?”, Jungkook speaks again.

“What’s the matter? You came back this early. Is everything all right? Are you not feeling well? Is it the cold? Did you forget some-”

“I don’t know the answers of all these questions of yours.”, Taehyung replies coldly, “Maybe ask Yoojin about it, yeah?”

“What are you eve-”

“Why am I wrong?”, Taehyung takes a step away from him. “You seemed to be having a great time talking to her.”

“Wha-“, Jungkook’s brows snapped together. He can’t quite understand what the omega is talking about right now, “We were talking about work. She actually had an issue-”

“I have a lot of issues too, Jungkook.”, Taehyung laughs a little, but nothing is really funny to him right now, “Did you ever want to hear about them? Did you ever talk me about those? Ever cared?”

“You have issues?”, Jungkook grows concerned, trying to reach out for the omega.

“What issues? And why wouldn’t you tell me about them?”, Jungkook asks, hands going to hold Taehyung. “I am sorry I never asked. It’s definitely my fault. But Taehyung, you could have just brought it up, you know. Tell me, what is it?”

“You want to know the current major issue?”

“Yes! Of course.”, Jungkook nods, concerned and worried to his core.

“The major issue right now is that I find it so funny that she was talking to you, as if you two are old acquaintances.”, Taehyung grits out. “Don’t you think it’s funny? Because I think it’s really funny.”

“What?”, Jungkook breathes out, confused, “No, Taehyung, we aren’t old acquaintances or anything like that for that matter. I didn’t even know her about like around twenty minutes ago, when she walked up to me and introduced herself.”

“She works with you?”, Taehyung asks then.

“No. Not like ‘with’ me.”, Jungkook explains, “She probably-”

“So she works under you?”, Taehyung doesn’t allow him to complete the sentence.

“No, not directly under me either.”, Jungkook shakes his head, “She’s in the sales-”

“So why the fuck was she here talking to you?!”, Taehyung yells out.

“She had an issue, Taehyung.”, Jungkook hurries to explain, “She simply wanted to inform me about it.”

“She could have done that in the office!”, Taehyung pushes hard against his chest, Jungkook stumbles back.

“Sent you a mail or something! Why did she have to coke here and talk to you?!”

“She can’t do that, Taehyung. Nobody has an access to send me an E-mail just like that. I am the CEO of the company, and she’s just an employee. She can’t do that. She can’t contact me in any way.”

“And even if she had tried to reach out, she would have to talk to my manager. She can’t just directly walk up to me to talk in the office. Nobody can.”, Jungkook elaborates, “Also, she didn’t come here to talk to me. She just happen to see me while visiting the restaurant.”
“She was here with her family, or something, I don’t know.”

Taehyung doesn’t reply to that, doesn’t talk. He turns to look away, hands crossed over his chest.

“Taehyung”, Jungkook steps closer, hands holding the omega’s arms. “What’s the matter? What is it? Tell me, please.”

“I don’t know.”, Taehyung shrugs, eyes still not on the alpha, “I just didn’t like the way she was talking to you, that’s all.”

“You didn’t like the way she was talking to me?”, Jungkook asks again, tilting his head a little.

“No. I hated the way she was talking to you!”

Jungkook doesn’t have an answer to that, mostly because he doesn’t understanding what the omega is trying to say. But he does dare to question or speak against it.

His eyes are lingering on Taehyung’s face, when he notices how those eyes are slowly gathering tears.

Jungkook grows alert at that, “Taehyung”, he goes to cup the omega’s face, “Are you-“, he pauses, eyes roaming on that face, “Are you crying? Did that make you that upset? Taehyung, I am so-”

“I am tired.”, Taehyung pulls away, “I want to go home.”

“Taehyung-“, Jungkook tries to hold him back.

“Please.”, the omega steps away, “I just want to go home, please. If you don’t want to drive me back home, that’s fine too. I will just get a cab-”

“Sit in the car.”, Jungkook doesn’t let him complete the sentence.

Taehyung lets out a breathe, and without look up at the alpha, or sparing him another glance, he starts to walk towards the car.

Jungkook holds the car door open for him, Taehyung goes inside. Sitting back, resting as he closes his eyes.

“Sit here.”, Jungkook shuts the car door, “Give me a few minutes, I will be back.”

Neither does Taehyung open his eyes to look at him nor does he reply to that.

The alpha looks at him for a few seconds, before he is turning around to make his way towards the restaurant.

The staff show the alpha to the designated table that was booked under Taehyung’s name.

Jungkook’s eyes easily find Jimin then. And he’s walking up to the pair.

“Jungkook?”, Jimin frowns at first before he is standing up. “What happened? Why are you here?”

“First of all, I am extremely sorry for being here and interrupting, guys.”, Jungkook speaks at first, “I didn’t mean to disturb, but-”

“And you are definitely not disturbing us, Jungkook.”, Bogum gets up from his seat too, “Everything all right? Where’s Tae?”

“He’s in the car right now.”, Jungkook replies, “I asked him to sit there for a bit, as I wanted to come here and talk to you guys about something.”

“Talk to us?”, Jimin asks, “What’s going on?”

“Honestly, I do not know how to say or ask this. Or, if I, at all, should be here.”

“Just say it, Jungkook. Don’t think so much.”, Jimin urges.

“Actually Taehyung left this place a little too early. I mean, he came back to the parking lot when it wasn’t even over an hour properly. So I was a little worried, if he was feeling unwell.”

“No, no.”, Bogum shakes his head, “He definitely wasn’t feeling unwell. Rather he was quite happy when he got the opportunity to leave and go back to you.”

“Yeah, exactly!”, Jimin laughs a little, “Baby didn’t even touch the food because he was missing you so much.”

“He didn’t eat anything?”, Jungkook leans forward in urgency.

“Nope!”, Bogum responds, “Not even one bite. We tried our best, requested him a lot, but he just wouldn’t give in.

“Tae said that you probably haven’t eaten anything either, so how can he just sit here and eat.”

“H-he”, Jungkook fumbles, “He said that?”

“Of course, he said that!”, Bogum nods, smiling, “Has there even been a second when he didn’t talk about you?”

“Exactly!”, Jimin sighs, “Ugh! I hate you, Jungkook, seriously. You stole him away from me. How did you even do that!?”

“Yeah, man!”, Bogum makes a sad face, “Should have left him a little for us too, you know. We miss him. But he misses you.”

Jimin gives a chuckle to that.

But Jungkook? Jungkook can’t speak. Can’t reply to them. Can’t even hear anything around him anymore.

His heart beating loudly his chest, as he finds it more difficult to breathe with every passing second.

The only name on his lips is Taehyung. The only one visible to him is Taehyung.

So he doesn’t wait there any longer. He can’t. Stumbling steps finding their way to his omega.

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Jungkook felt his whole body working. His leg muscles running warm, fresh cool breeze entering his lungs.

The alpha comes to a stop as soon as the car comes into view.

Taehyung has his head resting, eyes closed still.

Jungkook pauses at the sight of it. Grasping for air. As he still can hear his own heartbeats.

The omega looks ethereal.

Taehyung has always looked ethereal to Jungkook. He can’t remember the last time when he didn’t.

Almost five months ago, in that night club, where the music was too loud, sweaty bodies pressed against each other, Taehyung had looked ethereal to Jungkook.

The omega had made his presence felt to every soul in the crowd, just by simply being there.

With the overflowing hard liquor, beat vibrating off the walls, the shallow crowd of people with their filthy stares grooving, ready to party, Jungkook had only noticed Taehyung.

The only light during the darkest days of his life. Taehyung.

Jungkook finally starts walking towards the car then.

And as if the omega could almost feel him, sense him, he opens his eyes turning to find the alpha.

Jungkook’s eyes are on him too. A darkness lurking within them.

Taehyung sits up straight, as the alpha comes to stand right beside him, hands resting against the car window.

“I am not going to take you home right now.”, Jungkook speaks, voice calm yet so deep, “We are going somewhere else.”

Taehyung doesn’t say anything to that.

“Is that clear?”, he asks.

Taehyung only nods.

“Words, Taehyung.”, Jungkook’s grips tighten, “How many times do I have to remind? I need your words. I want to hear your words.”

“Yes.”, the omega nods shakily, gulping.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, it is clear.”, he murmurs.

“Good.”, Jungkook gives him a nod, “Good.”

The alpha goes around the car, finding his way to the driver’s seat. He starts the engine.

“Where are we going?”, Taehyung asks, eyes not leaving Jungkook anymore.

“You will find out soon.”

The journey to the destination unknown Taehyung goes in absolute silence.

Jungkook doesn’t speak, but his muscles remain tensed. The steering wheel gripped all too tightly.

And Taehyung? Taehyung isn’t sure about anything right now. He doesn’t know, if he can, or should speak.

The roads are somewhat rocky, mountainous, slightly steep. But the car is moving a little too fast, soon Taehyung’s eyes are flickering over and looking at the beautiful vast stretch of land laying right in front of him.

The car comes to a sudden stop then.

A little glimpse of the location: Lacuna; a #taekookau [A/B/O]

"You will not leave until you allow me to scent you
Jungkook kills the engine, before rushing to unbuckle his seat belt.

He gets out of it first, going around the car to the omega’s side.

Jungkook holds the car door open for Taehyung, sharp eyes following the omega’s each move.

Jungkook extends his hands for the omega to take. Taehyung does. He reaches to hold Jungkook’s hand, getting down from the car.

Taehyung’s wide eyes take looking around in awe. The place too beautiful, too peaceful. And the omega finds himself smiling.

“This place-“, Taehyung speaks in a low voice.

But the omega doesn’t get to complete the sentence. Jungkook doesn’t let him.

The alpha shuts the door with a thud, making Taehyung inhales sharply in surprise.

The omega finally looks up at Jungkook, breath caught in his chest.

“I am going to ask you a few questions.”, Jungkook’s voice drops painfully, “Can you answer them truthful?”

Taehyung’s breath is shallow and rapid, his hands coiling to form tight fists, “Yes.”

Jungkook’s eyes keep roaming on his face, he doesn’t utter a word.

“At that club, when we mated each other that night, do you regret it?”, Jungkook asks.

“No.”, Taehyung shakes his head, “Not even a bit. Neither of us were under the influence of anything, no hard drinks, nothing. We were in our right minds when we mated. I have no regrets.”

Jungkook gulps, breathing out a little, “Does this marriage of ours suffocate you?”

“Really?”, Taehyung raises his brows, “Out of everything, this question?”

“Just answer the question, Taehyung.”, Jungkook shuts his eyes.

“No!”, Taehyung raises his voice. “Our marriage doesn’t suffocate me. Far from it.”, he grits out looking away.

“Far from it?”, the alpha asks before beginning to take slow steps closer to Taehyung while the omega takes his steps back and away from him.

Jungkook’s steps don’t stop. Not until Taehyung reaches his limit, and is pressed hard against the car. The alpha standing a little too close to him making it difficult for him to breathe.

The alpha leans forward a bit, hands going to rest against the car, Taehyung between them.

“When you were waiting in car, I went inside the restaurant to meet Jimin and Bogum.”, Jungkook’s voice turning a little rough.

“Why?”, Taehyung breathes out.

“I wanted to know the reason why you left so early to come back to the car.”

Taehyung’s jaw clenches at that.

“Want to know what they told me?”, the alpha asks tilting his head a little.

Taehyung doesn’t reply.

“They told me you were missing me, so you left to come back to me.”, Jungkook answers anyway.

The omega looks away, as his face begins to heat up.

“Were they telling the truth?”, Jungkook questions.

But Taehyung refuses to even look at him, let alone answer the question.

“Taehyung”, Jungkook’s eyes never leave him though, “I am asking you something. And I want an answer. An honest answer.”

“Yes.”, Taehyung squeezes his eyes shut, “They were telling the truth.”

“So you were missing me?”, Jungkook repeats.


“Say it.”

“What?”, Taehyung hisses.

“Say you were missing me.”, the alpha demands.

“I was missing you. Yes! Yes!”, Taehyung breathes out in frustration as he gives in. “I was missing you so much that I couldn’t fir once even breathe properly inside that damn restaurant! I miss you when my eyes don’t find you. I miss you when you are not close to me.”
“I miss you when I don’t feel you.”, Taehyung finally opens his eyes to match the alpha’s dark ones. Jungkook’s eyes flashing red now. “I miss you. And you don’t understand. Never understood.”

The alpha’s arm goes around his waist then, pulling him flush against his chest.

“Why?”, Jungkook grips the omega’s waist tightly.

“Why?”, Taehyung grits out, hands going to grasp the alpha’s collar, “How dare you ask me why?!”

“I have all the rights to ask.”, Jungkook growls.

“No, you don’t! You don’t have any rights!”

“Not when you don’t even understand!”, Taehyung snarls, “Not when you don’t even care!”

“I don’t care?!”, Jungkook rages, jaws hardening, “Are these the lies that you keep telling yourself?! What delusions are you living with?!”

“Delusions? Lies?!”, Taehyung lets out a laugh in disbelief, “Shut the fuck up, Mr. Jeon.”

“Not tonight.”, Jungkook grits out shaking his head, “Not until I get all my questions answered.”

“And I refuse to answer any of your questions any further.”

“Oh, you will!”, Jungkook gives him a breathy chuckle, “You will answer all of my questions. And that too, before the nights ends.”

“Are you challenging me right now?”

“Why?”, Jungkook cocks a brow, “Does losing a challenge scare you?”

“What answers, huh?!”, Taehyung pushes hard against his chest trying to free himself from the alpha’s hold, but fails miserably, “What answers do you want when you keep fucking pushing me away every opportunity you get!?”

“I push you away?”, Jungkook’s brows snapped together.

“Don’t act all innocent right now, Mr. Jeon.”

“What fucking innocence, huh?”, Jungkook pulls him closer some more, “I don’t even know what the fuck you are referring to!”

“I am refering to every single moments when I wanted you, but you pushed me away!”

“No matter how many times I keep dropping the damn hints, you never get it! Because either you are dense as fuck or you don’t want me!”, Taehyung thunders.

“I don’t want you?!”, Jungkook bites back a curse, “Over five months of knowing each other, and you come up with this?!”

“Do you even fucking know how hard it is for me to control myself around you?! How many times I have literally dragged myself out of the intense fucking desire of just-”

“No, I don’t know!”, the omega screams out, “I don’t know shit because you never fucking told me!”

“Tell you?”, Jungkook is perplexed, and those unholy desires are rushing back to his mind, intensifying to his core, “Tell you how? Verbally? What are you? Five?”

“Shut up!”, Taehyung hits hard against his chest, “Just shut the fuck up! I hate you! I hate you!”

“Yeah, I know about that!”, Jungkook laughs a little, “Now tell me something I don’t know.”

“Tell you something, you don’t know! There’s a shit ton of stuff actually.”, Taehyung gives him a smile, mocking, “Like for example, can you recall the last time you kissed me?”


“Can’t recall?”, Taehyung bats his eyelashes, innocent, teasing, “Yeah, and that’s because you have never fucking kissed me!”

“Don’t you dare lie to face right now like that, Taehyung!”, Jungkook warns.

“Lie?!”, the omega yells, “Ask yourself, you dense, stupid alpha!”

“Last time I kissed-“, Jungkook tries to defend.

“My damn finger tips!”, Taehyung jerks him forward by his collar, “You kissed my finger tips, that was the last time when you fucking kissed me!”

“So that’s what this is all about?!”, Jungkook presses him harder against the car.

“A kiss?!”, Jungkook’s jaw drops at that, “That’s what you wanted all this time? That’s the reason why you are always mad at me? Making me suffer this much for a kiss?!”

“Making you suffer?!”, Taehyung asks, rage coursing through his veins, “That’s a big term to use, Mr. Jeon!”

“No matter what I do, you are always mad at me!”, Jungkook complains almost, “I try so hard, but I keep fucking failing. Because you are never not mad at me! You drive me fucking insane!”

“So do you!”, Taehyung hisses, “You drive me more insane! Do you realise that?!”

“A kiss?”, Jungkook repeats, “Is that what you want?”

“My kiss!”, Taehyung corrects him, “The kiss that you took away from me! The kiss that I wanted! The kiss that belongs to me! Only me!”

“Then take your fucking kiss!”

Jungkook’s right hand goes to cup the omega’s face, thumb pressed hard against his cheek.

The alpha doesn’t waste a second longer then, he leans in. Lips crashing against each other.

The kiss is hungry. Messy. Rage clean on the lips. Fighting for dominance.

Breaths huffing into mouths, angrily, passionately. Jungkook devours those lips.

His hands moving from his waist to Taehyung’s hips. Fingers digging there.

The omega grips his collar harder, pulling him closer with each second. Jungkook goes easily. All too eager.

Taehyung lets out a moan, as Jungkook kneads his ass. Harsh.

But soon the kiss is melting into soft brushing of lips as the energy drains out of them. Shaky breathes leaving their mouths.

But the alpha doesn’t stop. Still isn’t satisfied. Still not enough. Can’t get enough.


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Jungkook’s lips moving to Taehyung’s jaw trailing kisses all along, down to his throat.

The alpha buries his face in the crook of his neck. Pressing soft kisses.

But soon those tender kisses are turning rough, and Jungkook is sucking the soft skin on the omega’s neck.

“Jungkook-“, Taehyung squeezes his eyes shut, biting his lower. He reaches to grip the alpha’s hair tightly.

“Tell me to stop.”, Jungkook’s voice hoarse. “Tell me to stop, Taehyung.”

“Don’t stop.”, Taehyung chokes out, pleading almost, “Please don’t stop.”

“Fuck!”, the alpha curses when the voice reaches him. The urge to see his omega, to see that face painfully intensify, so he pulls away a little just to see him. To see Taehyung.

This earns him a disappointed growl from the omega.

“You are going to be the very end of me.”

Taehyung’s lips are swollen, a little red. His eyes glistened. He looks so vulnerable. A little ruined. Messy.

The look is so intimate, it makes Jungkook’s heart stutter in his chest.

He thinks to himself, he did that to Taehyung. The omega looks so precious. So Jungkook’s.

“Are you going to kiss me again or not?”, a pout prominent on hip face, brows furrowed in rage.

“God!”, Jungkook’s voice raspy, “Still so damn demanding. Always complaining! Always mad.”

“So?”, the omega gives him a sassy look, “Either deal with it or let go of me right now.”

“The latter is not happening.”, Jungkook shakes his lightly before leaning back in.

Their lips caught up in each other.

Jungkook growls into the kiss. His hands leaving Taehyung’s face to reach his shirt. The alpha tugs his shirt out, hand going under it.

Jungkook’s hands are cold when they touch Taehyung’s warm skin under his shirt.

The alpha feels the omega’s body earning a needy moan from the latter.

But their lips are still connected to tightly, asserting the same dominance. Never backing out.

Taehyung bites Jungkook’s lower lip adding to the alpha’s list of reasons to fuck tonight.

But you see, Jungkook is a gentleman. A true, real gentleman.

And no matter magnitude of the urge to bend the omega over the hood of his car, Jungkook will not give in to the calls.

Jungkook pulls away then, before his mind can linger a little too long, or the thought of having the omega gets the best of him.

The alpha reaches to caress Taehyung’s face, a smile on his lips. As his eyes stay stuck on the omega’s face, Jungkook feels he can finally breathe.

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Taehyung’s eyes are still closed when Jungkook’s thumbs caress his cheeks.

The omega finds himself unable to open his eyes, his lashes trembling as his swollen lips sits too prettily on his face.

Jungkook waits with a smile plastered.

The alpha can’t help but lean in and presses two soft, slowly kisses over those eyelids.

Taehyung opens his eyes then. A breath escaping his mouth audibly.

There’s something so surreal about that moment. When their bodies are pressed so closely.

Warm breaths fanning each other’s face. Hearts too full. They feel safe. Oh, so safe.

It is the alpha who breaks the silence first, “Are you hungry?”

“No.”, Taehyung juts lips out, brows furrowed.

“Would like you like to have some kimbap, maybe?”, Jungkook asks.

“I said, I am not hungry.”, Taehyung frowns some more.

Jungkook doesn’t reply then. His hands leaving the omega’s face to hold his hand. “Come.”


The alpha takes him over to the front of the luxury wheels, securing him a seat on the hood of the car.

“Sit here, and don’t move.”

Taehyung’s pouts only intensifying, “I don’t wanna sit here.”

“You will sit here.”, Jungkook’s voice just as calm.

“No!”, Taehyung argues still, “I will not!”

“You will.”, Jungkook doesn’t back out either, “And I do not want any arguments over this right now.”

“I don’t care what you want!”, Taehyung pushes him away, “I don’t care what anyone wants! I do what-”


“Don’t Taehyung me right now.”, Taehyung points a finger at him.

“Then what should I do with you right now?”, Jungkook’s voice drops, head tilting a little, “Tell me, what do you want me to do with, or to you right now?”, he bites his lower lip, eyes never leaving the omega.

Taehyung goes absolutely quiet at that. Jungkook notices, mesmerized how those cheeks slowly flaunting a warm shade of pink, the tip of his ears following the same.

The omega looks away when he realises he doesn’t wish to reply. More like, he can’t. Neither wants to.

“Good.”, Jungkook lets out a low chuckle, “Now you will sit here, still and quiet till I come back.”

The alpha leaves him there as he walks up to the rear seats of the car.

Taehyung tries to peek, curious eyes running behind his alpha.

“No peeking, Taehyung.”, Jungkook announces without even looking back at him.

“I am not peeking!”, the omega defends.

“How are you this bad a liar?”, Jungkook asks, as he opens the car door to pull a little bag out.

“I am not lying!”

Jungkook doesn’t reply to that.

And within a few seconds Taehyung hears the car close, and the alpha making his way back to him.

Jungkook is holding a brown bag, “While you were inside the restaurant with Jimin and Bogum, I got some kimbap for some late night snack.”

“You are a worse liar.”, Taehyung mumbles, looking away.

“Hmm?”, Jungkook is currently fretting over the bag to get the food out properly.

“You think I don’t know you that didn’t eat anything all day?”, the omega asks.

Jungkook looks up at him at that.

“You know?”, he asks smiling.


“What more do you know?”, Jungkook holds a slice of the kimbap close to the omega’s mouth.

Taehyung takes a bite, without even realising, “I know everything!”

“Everything, huh?”, the alpha teases.

“Yes, everything!”, Taehyung is still just as mad.

Jungkook finds it adorable. He finds it adorable how those plump lips are jutting out as Taehyung chews the food.

He would like to think that even if he loses everything, this is something that will keep him going.

The alpha thinks that maybe during those dark days that are yet to come, this image of the omega looking so ‘his’ will keep him alive. And that is enough for him.

“This is so good!”, Taehyung’s pleased voice brings the alpha back to the reality, breaking his unkind thoughts.

“You like it?”, Jungkook smiles, happy.

“Yes!”, Taehyung nods, eager, honest, “I really like it.”

“I am happy then.”

“Now you take a bite.”, Taehyung holds out another slice for his alpha to take. “Although I don’t like to share my food with anyone.”, he shrugs.

“Excuse me?”, Jungkook takes the bite too, “Your food?”

“Yeah!”, Taehyung goes back to enjoying the kimbap. “Be thankful, I literally made an exception for you.”

“Woah! First of all, this is my late night snack that you are calling your food.”, Jungkook informs.

“You mean your dinner?”, Taehyung cocks a brow.

“Yeah, okay. I accept, my dinner.”, Jungkook gives in, “But it’s my food that you are eating right now.”

“No, it’s not, Mr. Jeon.”

“Yes, it is, Prof. Kim.”

“What did you just call me?”, the omega’s brows snapped together.

“Prof. Kim?”

“Why would you call me that?”, Taehyung is upset.

“Why not?”

“Why tho?!”

“You called me Mr. Jeon right now.”, Jungkook points out.

“I always call you Mr. Jeon.”, Taehyung defends.

“Why would you call me that?”, the alpha simply asks.

“Why not?”

“Why tho?!”

“Stop copying me!”, Taehyung rages, “You copycat!”

“Or what?”, Jungkook challenges, “What you gonna do about it?”, he steps closer, hands going to rest over the omega’s thighs, as he settles himself between his legs, “Going to scream and cry about it?”

“Go on!”, Jungkook tells him popping another bite of the kimbap into his mouth, “Let me see how loud your are.”

“I don’t like you.”, Taehyung mumbles pouting before going back to chewing his food.

“You don’t like me?”


“Meh!”, Jungkook clicks his tongue, “Liar.”

“How many times do I have to remind you to not lie to me?”, Jungkook says.

“And I told you, I am not lying!”


“What okay?”, Taehyung is surprised by the rather casual reply.

“I mean, okay, I trust you.”, Jungkook answers, “You don’t like me. Got it.”

“Huh!”, Taehyung grumbles. “Good.”

“So now that I know, you don’t like me, I wonder what I am going to do with all those kisses I had planned to give you.”, Jungkook lets out a sad sigh, thinking.

“What?”, Taehyung’s lips part at that, “More kisses?”

“Yeah, more kisses.”, Jungkook nods, sadness all over his face, “I thought you like me, and so you would like my kisses, too. But now-”

“No, I like your kisses!”, Taehyung rushes to cut him off, “I love them actually!”

“You like my kisses?”, Jungkook asks.

“Yes!”, Taehyung nods, extremely eager, “Yes, I really do! I want them.”

“You want my kisses?”, Jungkook asks, only to confirm, “Is that what you are saying?”

“Yes, I want your kisses!”, Taehyung is nodding still. “I really want them.”

“Please, Jungkook.”, the omega’s hands going to grip Jungkook’s shirt, tightly. His heart beating a little faster as he feels he is going to lose those kisses. “Give.”

“Give you what?”

“My kisses.”, Taehyung frowns.

“Not yours.”, the alpha shakes his head.

“Those kisses are mine.”, Jungkook corrects him.

“You are my husband!”, Taehyung defends, “So whatever is yours is mine too, just as much. Those kisses you are talking about are mine. They belong to me. So, you should only give them to me. The rightful owner.”

“But you just now said that you don’t like me.”, Jungkook repeats, “So tell me, why should I give you those kisses when you don’t even like the kisser?”

“I like those kisses!”, Taehyung fights back, “I just don’t like the kisser, like you said.”

“How does that make sense?”

“Love the art, not the artist.”, the omega bats his lashes, innocent, leisurely.

Jungkook tongues the insides of his cheek, eyes darkening as a smirk appears on his lips, “Seems like that pretty mouth of yours, as expected, really does wonders, Prof.”

“Come here.”, the alpha demands.

Taehyung goes without wasting another moment. Hardly hiding the proud, smug smile.

Jungkook presses a soft kiss on his forehead then, pulling back just as quickly.

“What-“, the omega wasn’t expecting this when a ‘kiss’ was mentioned.

“What?”, Jungkook asks, concerned, faking his innocence, “Something’s wrong?”

“That was not a kiss I wanted!”

“But that was the kiss I had planned.”

“I don’t care about your stupid plan!”, Taehyung yells out, “Kiss me properly, right now!”

“Kindly explain as to what you mean by ‘properly’.”, the alpha requests.

Taehyung doesn’t reply with words but with actions. He leans closer lifting his chin, while his lips are jutting out.

“On your lips?”

The omega nods.

Jungkook’s grips harden on his thighs, “Closer.”

Taehyung wakes up to a room that feels a little too cold. A bed that doesn’t feel warm, neither comfortable.

But the moment his eyes are blinking open, and the memories of last night rushing back to his mind, a wide, shy smile finds its place on his lips.

But then a sudden thought hits him. Hits him really hard. And he is rushing to sit up straight cursing, “Shit! I didn’t tell him I love him.”

Taehyung is currently panicking, grasping for air, “Shit! Shit! How can I forget that! Yesterday-“, he pauses, “I should have told him.”

“I should have told him already!”, he shoves his hair back away from his face in frustration, “Yesterday was such a perfect day! And I lost the opportunity to tell him that I love him?”, he grits out, hands clasping the bedsheets, “I love him.”, he squeezes his eyes shut, “I lo-”
“Today is-“, Taehyung reaches for his phone, “Saturday! Yes, yes!”, he jumps up from the bed, bouncing almost, “Today is Saturday. Today is perfect, too! He will be home all day.”, he claps his hands, feeling a little giddy now, “I will tell him today. Yes, I will tell him.”
The smile is hard to hold back. The endearing soft laughs that escape his mouth are difficult to control.

Butterflies swarming in his stomach. A nauseous feeling growing within him.

“I love you, Jungkook.”, he whispers to himself, “I love you so much.”, he clutches his chest.

Today it takes Taehyung a little over an hour to freshen, get ready. And by the time, he is making his way out of his bedroom, and down the stairs, he realises that the breakfast has already been served.

“Good morning, sir.”, Kawan bows.

“Good morning.”, Taehyung smiles bright.

“Sir, the breakfast has been served.”, Kawan follows the omega who is his walking towards the dining room. “Would you like some apple juice today, or the regular?”

“Ah, the regular would be good.”, Taehyung nods, “Thank you, Kawan.”

“Of course, sir.”

Upon entering the dining room, Taehyung realises that the area appears to be rather empty.

The only one his eyes have been wanting to see still isn’t here in the room.

Well, that’s odd considering Jungkook’s punctuality. He’s never late for anything.

“Uh, Kawan”, Taehyung turns around to finally face the beta.

“Yes, sir?”

“Jungkook still isn’t here… “, Taehyung speaks, Has he already had his breakfast?”

“No, sir.”, Kawan informs, “He skipped his breakfast today. It appeared that sir was in quite a hurry while leaving.”

“Leaving?”, Taehyung frowns, his shoulders tensing.

“Yes, sir.”, Kawan nods, “He around 6:30 A.M. in the morning.”

“6:30 A.M.?”, the omega breathes out, confusion clear on his face, “Did he say anything about where he was leaving for?”

“No, sir. Sir mentioned nothing.”

Taehyung goes quiet at that.

“Sir-“, Kawan tries to speak then, “The breakfast-”

“I would like to skip the breakfast, Kawan.”, Taehyung says as he begin to find his way out of the dining room. “Thank you.”

Kawan doesn’t get to reply that, or tell him that before leaving, Jungkook had instructed him strictly, to make sure that Taehyung doesn’t skip any of his meals.
Because before he could say anything he watches the omega marching his way up the stairs, rage clear on his face.
As soon as Taehyung enters his bedroom and shuts the door with a loud thud, he pulls his phone out.

He dials the number. And on the 4th ring, Jungkook picks up the call.

“Good morning.”, the alpha speaks first.

“Where are you right now, Jungkook?”, Taehyung says.

“Uh”, Jungkook hesitates at first, “I am actually in the flight right now, Taehyung. Did you have-”

“What do you mean you are in the flight right now?”, Taehyung raises his voice, frustrated, confused, “Where are you going? What is even-”

“I can’t get into the details right now, Taehyung.”, the alpha says, “But a really important meeting was suddenly scheduled this morning, and I am required to attend it without fail.”

“Of course, you can’t get into the details!”, Taehyung lets out a breathy chuckle.

“Have you had your breakfast?”, Jungkook asks. “It’s really late already. If you still haven’t-”

“Why didn’t you inform me before leaving?”, Taehyung cuts him off.

“Like I said, Taehyung, the meeting wasn’t exactly planned, it was sudden. As soon as I was informed, I left.”

“Without even considering to inform me once?”, Taehyung’s voice drops to a whisper. He is hurt.

“Taehyung”, Jungkook feels his heart clench at that, “You were sleeping then. It was really early. I didn’t want to wake you up.”

“Are you really serious right now?”

“Couldn’t wake me up?!”, Taehyung asks, his eyes brimming with tears, “I was sleeping, Jungkook. I wasn’t de@d!”

“Taehyung!”, Jungkook grips tightens around the papers he is holding, crushing them. “Don’t utter those words ever again.”, his voice drops, still controlled.

“Why would you leave me alone like this?”, a tear rolls down the omega’s face.

“Taehyung, please.”, Jungkook begs almost, “Please don’t say it like that. I didn’t leave you. I can’t. This meeting is really important. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even have considered. Trust me.”

“It’s not about the meeting, Jungkook.”, Taehyung’s voice holds an essence of pain. One that breaks Jungkook apart, “I know it’s important, otherwise you wouldn’t leave on such a short notice. I understand. But you just left.”, he gulps, “Without even letting me see you once.”
“Because you were sleeping so deeply, Taehyung. We came back home so late last night, it was probably around 4 A.M. in the morning.”, Jungkook tries to explain, “You were so tired, so sleepy. You needed rest, some sleep. I couldn’t just wake you up, and disturb you like that.”
Taehyung doesn’t reply to that.

And when the silence stretches for too long, Jungkook speaks, “Please, Taehyung, say something. Please don’t-”

“Okay.”, the omega finally murmurs.


“It’s okay.”, Taehyung sniffles, trying to smile, “I understand.”

“You probably didn’t consider it important enough for you to inform me before leaving so suddenly.”, Taehyung says, hands gripping the phone tightly, “I understand. It’s okay.”

“Taehyung, it’s-“, the alpha rushes to explain, “It’s not like that, Taehyung. Please.”

“It’s not like that?”, Taehyung asks, “Then how is it, Jungkook? How is it that you decided to leave without even telling me once? How is it that you are so unbothered while I am losing my mind?”, his voice cracks, “Please tell me, how it is fair, Jungkook? How is this fair?”
“It’s not.”, Jungkook gives in when his own eyes begin to burn. He gives in. “It’s not fair. It’s not.”

“I wanted to tell something today.”, Taehyung reveals then, “Something really important. Really important to me.”, he closes his eyes allowing the tears to run down.

“But seems like destiny wouldn’t allow me.”, Taehyung laughs, hollow, “Maybe I am not granted this happiness.”

“Tell me, I am right here.”, the alpha pleads, “I am here with you. I am listening, Taehyung. Tell me now, please.”

“If you are here with me, why can’t I feel you?”

Jungkook doesn’t have an answer to that. He doesn’t know a good reply. One that can ease the pain, even a little.

“It’s okay, I will wait for you.”, the omega whispers, “When are you going to come back?”

“Very soon.”, it’s a promise, “I am going to go back to you very soon.”

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“How long?”, Taehyung breathe out, “How long should I wait?”

“A few days?”, Jungkook answer, “I will be back within a few days.”

“Give me a number.”, Taehyung hisses, “Few sounds too long.”

“8 to 9 days.”

“What? 8 to 9 days?”

“Didn’t you say, ‘very soon’?”, the omega’s voice filled with agony, “Is that ‘very soon’ to you?”

“It’s something I can’t-”

“It’s fine.”, Taehyung doesn’t wish to hear anymore, “Whatever.”


“I don’t want to talk to you right now.”

“Listen to me, please.”, Jungkook requests, “I can’t predict it like that. I don’t know how long, but it mustn’t take more than 9 days. I pro-”

“It’s okay, Jungkook.”, Taehyung stops him, “You don’t have to explain anything to me. I-”

“No, I have to.”, Jungkook tells him, “I have to explain it all to you. I should. Please, let me.”

The omega doesn’t reply.

“9 days. Just give me nine days.”, the alpha says, “I will sort everything out here, and go back to you. Till then, please make sure that you are fine.”

“I want nothing more.”, Jungkook gulps, “Your safety is main priority, Taehyung.”

“I know.”, Taehyung gives him a laugh, hollow, “I know, my safety is your main priority.”

“During the weekends, if you wish to go out, my managers and bodyguards will be there. Don’t go without-”

“I will not go anywhere without them.”, Taehyung replies, “I know. And now that I think about it, I feel over the months, I have spent more time with your secretaries and bodyguards than my own husband. So don’t worry, I like going out with them, Jungkook. I love it.”
“You are not going out with them.”, Jungkook’s jaw hardens, “They are working for you, providing protection, and making sure you are safe.”

“Are you doing anything different?”, the omega asks then, “You keep telling me that your first and only priority is my safety.”

“And irrespective of what I want, you aren’t exactly concerned about anything else but protecting me. So how is it any different? Whether I go out with you or them, the only concern here is my security, nothing else.”

“It’s different.”, Jungkook’s voice turning cold.

“Going out with me is different.”


“I am your husband, Taehyung.”, the alpha closes his eyes, breathing out sharply.

“Oh, thank you for reminding me.”, Taehyung smiles, mocking, “I was almost on the verge of forgetting it. Because it never felt that way.”

“You never felt what?”, Jungkook grits out, “Never felt that I am your husband?”

“I don’t want to talk right now-”

“You will talk to me right now!”, the alpha raises his voice, “Answer me! You never felt that I am your husband?! Never felt anything?! Never-”

“No! No, I didn’t feel shit!”, Taehyung shouts out, pain, frustration oozing through his skin, “And do you know why?! Because you never fucking made me feel anything! All you care and talk about is how dangerous the world out there is for me! All you want is my safety!”
“All you give a damn about is my freaking protection!”, Taehyung’s chest rises and falls as he speaks, “That day, when I requested you to come with me, to join us there in the restaurant, you refused! You refused to come with me! As if you don’t want to be seen with me!”
“What are you even-“, Jungkook’s brows snapped together, “That day I didn’t go with you becau-”

“Don’t you dare give me that shit about ruining my happiness! Or, whatever nonsense you go on with!”, Taehyung thunders, “Who the fuck are you to decide where my happiness lies?!”

“Just say didn’t want to come with me! Because you didn’t want to be with me! Say it! Just say it!”


“Because only if you had cared enough, Jungkook, only if you had read through my words, looked into my eyes, you would have realised how much I wanted you to come.”

“And if you still haven’t got the hint, let me state it out to you. My happiness lies with you, Jungkook. Only you.”, Taehyung lets out a sigh. “I want to be with you. Always. You hear me? I want you, Jungkook! Not your secretaries, or managers, or those annoying bodyguards!”
“Every time I look at you, I see nothing but worry in those eyes of yours for me.”, fresh tears rolling down his face, “I don’t understand the reason behind the constant worry. But I don’t want it. I keep hoping that maybe, some day things will be different.”
“That maybe some day, I will look into your eyes, and I will see something more than worry. Something more than just concern.”

Jungkook feels breathless, he grips the edge of the car seat. Muscles tensed.

“But slowly”, Taehyung pauses, “Slowly I am losing that hope.”

“So no, Jungkook. I felt nothing. Because maybe I was too busy hoping for something more, so much so that I forgot to feel anything less. Or anything else at all.”, the omega’s voice turning impassive, “I am sorry. I think I took a little too much of your time. I will go.”
“Taehyung, wait-”

“Please, no.”, Taehyung pleads almost, “I don’t think I can afford to hear you any longer. I really can’t. Please understand, Jungkook. But like I said, I will wait for you. Let’s talk when you come back, yeah?”


Taehyung hangs up.

“Don’t call back.”, Yoongi speaks then, when he notices the alpha fretting over his phone, trying to call back the omega.


“No, Jungkook.”, Yoongi shakes his head, “No amount of words of yours will comfort him right now. Let him rest now for a bit.”

“You too know that. He’s hurt. And he probably wants you. So if you can’t be with right now, don’t call him worsen the current situation.”

“I can’t be with him right now! Even if I want, I can’t!”, Jungkook seethes, “You think I don’t want to be with him, or comfort him?!”

“I never said that. I know you want to be there with him.”

“You know exactly how alarmingly dangerous this current situation is.”, Jungkook’s hands coiling into fists, “I can’t compromise with his safety. I can’t let this major threat slide like this! This is a huge lead!”

“We can’t afford to lose it this time! We will have to bring an end to all this.”

“And we will.”, Yoongi gives him a nod, “We will bring am end.”

Jungkook looks away then, “I just can’t go back to him right now. Without bringing an end to this first.”

“I didn’t want to hurt him. I never want to hurt him.”

“I know, bub. I know.”, Yoongi reaches to rub his arm, “But, Kook-ah, calling him right now wouldn’t lessen his pain. Neither would it comfort him much. Rather add to the problems.”

“He’s mad at you right now, and he has all the rights to. You can’t blame him for that. You just left without having word with him, what did you expect? You are his husband.”, Yoongi elaborates, “And you are just as upset with this situation, the threat, the danger.”
“And I can’t blame you either.”, Yoongi sighs, “So you need to give him and yourself some time.”

“So I should just let him be?”, Jungkook still sounds just as angry, “Let him be mad at me?! I can’t just let him be at me?!”

“Taehyung is an extremely mature person. And-”

“I am not telling you to just let him be. Call him, of course.”, Yoongi shrugs, “Maybe after a few hours.”

“I just want to know, if he had his breakfast.”, the alpha mumbles.

“Trust me, if you call him now, and ask him this, he will shove the damn breakfast down your throat.”

The younger doesn’t reply to that.

Yoongi goes back to those file before speaking again, “By the way, why are you so upset about him being mad at you?”

“Because I don’t want him to be mad at me?!”, Jungkook’s gestures are wild, “What are you even saying!?”

“Why does it matter?”

“Because I-”

“Say it.”, Yoongi types something down in his laptop, “Go on, complete the sentence.”

Jungkook doesn’t. He doesn’t say it. He can’t complete the sentence. He doesn’t want to.

“Can’t say it?”, Yoongi snorts.

“How long are you planning to not acknowledge the elephant in the room?”, Yoongi asks.

Jungkook squeezes his eyes shut, “I don’t want to talk about it, hyung.”

“Of course, you don’t want to. You never want to. Because you are too afraid to face the reality.”

“The only reality is that, once we are done with this.”, Jungkook forces words out of his mouth, “This entire threat, this nagging extreme danger, my father, once we bring an end to this, it will all be over between him and me. That is the only truth. My only reality.”
“Yeah?”, Yoongi cocks a brow, his jaws tightening, “That’s your only reality? What about your feelings for him? The fact that he is mad at you right now is getting you this worked up! You can’t even sit still at this point. You think you will be fine after seperating from him?”
“Yes! Yes, I will be fine!”, Jungkook growls almost, “I will be fine. Because then, I will know he is safe and happy, and there no more lurks any danger or threat around him.”

“And you think, after seperating from you, he will be happy? Who are you fooling, Jungkook?”

“Hyung, please-”

“What about your feelings, huh?”, Yoongi doesn’t back out, he reaches to jerk his arms, “How long are you planning to hide them from him? How-”

“Forever.”, Jungkook’s eyes finally match his, “I will hide those feeling from him forever. Keep them far away.”

“And you will be fine with that?”

“I have been doing it just fine all these years. I have hid them well in my heart. Continuing to do the same wouldn’t be any difficult.”

“You could hide it well all these years, because he wasn’t your husband then!”, Yoongi yells out.

“You two didn’t live under the same roof! You weren’t even someone close to him. You were in the shadows, protecting him. He didn’t know anything!”

“And it was all going fine. Until I fucking ruin it!”, Jungkook bangs his fist on his thigh, “He doesn’t need to know anything.”

“He deserves to know, Jungkook!”, the elder roars.

“No!”, Jungkook shakes his head, frantically, “No, he doesn’t! He doesn’t need to know anything! It won’t do him any good.”

“And what about the mating bond? Have you given that a thought?”, Yoongi finally raises the question.

“Once we seperate, once I am away from him, he will reject the mating bond.”, Jungkook looks straight ahead, voice harsh, “Then it will all go back to normal. As it was. As it was always supposed to be.”

“And you think you be able to survive the rejection?”

“It doesn’t matter.”, the alpha’s heart stay clenched in his chest. “It doesn’t matter.”

“He will never forgive you.”, Yoongi gives him a smile, as tears begin to find their place in his eyes, “He shouldn’t. Tae wasn’t wrong. You will really be the one hurting him the most.”

“After all this, he will still be hurting. But this time?”, Yoongi says, “This time you will be the reason behind the hurt. Are you okay with that?”

“That’s fine.”, Jungkook’s eyes are brimming with tears, “I am fine with his hatred. I have taught myself to live with it.”

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“Jungkoo-“, Taehyung’s agony slowly fades to a dull throb, as he tries to blink open his eyes. “Jungk-”

The name dies down in his throat the moment he is trying to sit up, and the pain shoots up his arm like fire.

The omega screams out alerting the people in the room.

“Sir”, Kawan rushes to hold the omega back, “Sir, please, sir. Please do not try to strain your body any further. Please-”

“Jungkook-“, Taehyung chokes out, eyes puffy, tears clinging to his lashes, “Jungk-”

“Sir has been informed.”, Kawan says, “Please, sir. Don’t-”

The pain in his right arm, around his neck and back of his head, and probably in every inch of Taehyung’s body right now is like needles that have been dipped in alcohol, and is being jammed through his skin. Like electric wires in water producing current.
The pain makes Taehyung cry out, exploding in his head like a blinding whiteness.

“Fuck!”, he curses as the throbbing acha hits back when he tries to sit up, refusing to lie on the bed any further, “I want Jungkook.”, he whines in pain. “Please.”, he begs almost, “I want to se-”

“Sir is on the way. I promise, he really is.”, Kawan speaks in urgency, his voice filled with concern and worry, “Sir, please, please. Don’t try to sit up. The doctor has strictly mentioned that you need absolute rest right now. Please, sir, listen to me.”
But suddenly an excruciating pain is hitting Taehyung’s lower abdomen making him dizzy. It makes him reel.

“Jungkook”, Taehyung whispers before leaning back to rest against the headboard of the bed.

“He’s on the way, sir.”, Kawan’s own eyes are now brimming with tears, “He is.”

Well, Kawan’s words do appear to be rather true. Because within the next few moments Taehyung’s bedroom room is flung open with thud, and his alpha comes into view.

Jungkook’s eyes are bloodshot. His face holding absolutely no emotions. As if he has none.

The alpha enters the room, steps slowly, as if almost weak.

“Leave.”, his voice dropped, ice cold, sending chills down the spines of the people present in the room.

The doctors are the one who hurry to exit first. Followed by his managers, bodyguards, and then Kawan.

When Jungkook hears the door close, his eyes finally find his omega. He doesn’t let go of the breath that has been caught in chest, neither does he move an inch.

“Jungkook”, Taehyung murmurs then. His eyes still shut, but now he can feel his alpha in the room.

Taehyung reaches, extending his arms in the air, when he feels Jungkook walking closer to him, “You are here?”

The alpha goes down on his knees on the floor, unable to find the courage to sit on the bed where the omega lies so weakly.

He doesn’t respond to Taehyung’s words.

Taehyung doesn’t wait for a reply because the moment his fingers touch the alpha skin, he is opening his eyes. A faint smile on his lips, as fresh tears roll down his face. “I was waiting for you.”, he reaches out blindly almost, as if on instinct, “You are here.”
The omega’s hands go to cup Jungkook’s cup, his thumb caressing his cheek, “I missed you, Jungkook.”, his faint smile becoming more prominent, “I have been waited for you.”

Jungkook still doesn’t utter a word. Doesn’t speak to Taehyung who is eagerly waiting to hear his voice.

But his eyes? His eyes are burning with unshed tears as he lifelessly sits there on the floor, in front of his omega.

“Jungkook”, Taehyung calls him again, “I am sorry.”, he mumbles, “I couldn’t keep the promise I made. I failed. I failed to keep myself safe when you were gone.”

As Jungkook’s eyes stay stuck, and urgently roaming on the omega’s face, he notices those bruises. That slightly deep cut that still oozes oxygen-rich blood under right eye.

The alpha can’t seem to hold himself back any further, he closes his eyes breathing out.

Jungkook pulls away because the longer Taehyung’s finger touch his skin, the more the enormous guilty grows within him like bile up his throat.

And the omega? The omega is rather too weak to hold the alpha back. Jungkook slips away.

“Jungkook-“, Taehyung tries to reach out again.

But Jungkook isn’t close enough anymore.

The alpha shakes his head slowly, preventing Taehyung from moving anywhere closer to him. So the omega recoils, letting out a shaky breath as he rushes to blink back the tears.

Jungkook finds himself breathless, the more he watches Taehyung.

He doesn’t want to see the omega like, he can’t afford it. He is too weak. All too weak. But his eyes… His eyes refuse to look away. And Jungkook is helpless.

“Jungkook”, Taehyung sniffles, “Are you-”

“Stop taking my name!”, the alpha thunders, voice raised a little too high. For the first time. “Can’t you see how it is fucking hurting me!? Can’t you see you are hurting me!? Are you that blind to my misery?!”, his gestures wild as he growls standing up. “Don’t utter a word.”
Taehyung doesn’t. He doesn’t utter another word any further. Not when the alpha doesn’t wish to hear him. Not when Jungkook no longer wants to hear him.

The alpha’s pheromones too strong, too dense around his omega. His scent spikes in the air, oozing pure distress. Pain. Hurt.

Jungkook chest rises and falls rapidly, he turns away, unable to look at the omega any further. Refusing to look at him.

He hits his fist against the wall, “I failed.”, he grits out before cutting to hit wall over and again, “I failed. I failed.”, loud bangs filling up the room.

“Please”, Taehyung begs almost, his voice dropping to a whisper. But the omega doesn’t take his name. “Please, stop. You are hurting me, too.”

Those words stop Jungkook, absolutely freezing him. “I am the reason behind all your hurt.”, his forehead goes to rest against the wall.

The alpha tries to even his breathing before he turn around to face the omega again.

Jungkook walks towards him then, coming to stop right in front of Taehyung.

Taehyung notices how those eyes are now flashing blood red. Jungkook’s muscles tensed painfully, jaws locked.

The alpha reaches out, finally. His right hand going to cup the side of Taehyung’s face, thumbs pressed cautiously over the little around his lips. Jungkook softly caresses the bruise, his eyes focused there.

The omega leans into the touch. His eyes closing on their own accord.

“Who did this to you?”, Jungkook finally utters the question, his voice too cold, too harsh. Dropping a few octaves.

“I don’t know their names.”, Taehyung murmurs, eyes finding the alpha again.

“My father’s men?”, the alpha asks, voice never wavering.

Taehyung nods.

Jungkook nods, too. Slow. Calculative.

His eyes finally match the omega’s. He gulps before going back down on his knees on the floor. Hand still holding Taehyung in place.

“I am going to take care of everything.”, his other hand tightening into a fist, “Everything. I promise.”

“I know.”, the omega smiles, “I trust you.”

“Every finger that dared to touch you, all those people who dared to come anywhere close to you, I will burn them alive. Spare none.”, he shakes his head. Anger coursing through his veins. “Today, I will show no mercy. No more mercy.”

It’s a promise. Taehyung knows it is. And no power can possibly prevent the alpha from fulfilling this promise.

“Today, I will bring an end to everything.”

The omega’s hands go to hold the alpha’s wrist tightly, “Will you come back to me then? After the end?”

Jungkook nods, “I will. I will come back to you.”

“Okay.”, Taehyung murmurs, before pressing a tender kiss on the alpha’s wrist, “Okay. I will wait for you.”

“Can I ask you for one last thing before I leave?”, Jungkook asks.

Taehyung nods jerkily, confused a bit, “Anything.”

“Will you please take care of yourself for me till I come back?”, the alpha begs almost, “Please?”, he gives in, going to rest his head on the omega’s lap.

“Yes.”, Taehyung chokes on a sob, “Yes, I will. But only if you promise to take care of yourself for me, too.”

“I will.”

Taehyung doesn’t remember falling asleep. He doesn’t remember taking his meds. Doesn’t remember the doctors coming back to check on him every half an hour. He doesn’t remember Kawan begging him to eat. Doesn’t remember being so stubborn, and refusing to take a single bite.
All he remembers is Jungkook leaving. His slowly departing figure still too clear in his mind. That’s the only thing clear on his mind.

The omega holds the shirt tighter and closer to his chest when he suddenly feels too cold as he begins to regain consciousness.

But then the chilling coldness is fading away and a heart-melting warmth is being wrapped around him.

Jungkook’s crisp woody scent with a dominating resin as the base note engulfing the omega.

The scent calls him, and Taehyung is hurrying to answer those calls.

Taehyung tries to open his eyes, but his eyelids feel too heavy. His heart beating a lot faster as the scent intensifies in the air around him.

The omega wants to touch it. Feel it more.

“Slow.”, the alpha’s low, deep voice reaches Taehyung. “Slow, Taehyung. Slow.”

“I am right here. Please breathe easy.”, Jungkook tentatively reaches to hold the omega’s hand, “Breathe with me, yeah? Slow, Taehyung. You are fine. You are just fine. I am here.”

The alpha’s voice calms Taehyung racing heart beats. It oozes protection. Giving him assurance.

And soon, at a slow pace, the omega is blinking his eyes open, “Jungkook”

“Yes”, the alpha is breathless as he leans closer in urgency, his posture cautious to not hurt the omega. His voice pained, filled with worry. “I am here. I am right here.”

“You came back.”

Taehyung’s lips curl up as soon as his eyes find his alpha, “You came back to me.”, he whispers, tears rolling down his face.

Jungkook is right where he was. On his knees, in front of the omega. Still on the floor.

“Yes, I came back to you.”, he murmurs, “I came back home.”

“Is it over?”, Taehyung asks then, “Is it all finally over?”

“Yes.”, Jungkook nods, jaws clenched, “Yes, it’s over.”

“Good.”, Taehyung breathes out a soft smile, “That’s good. Now we can rest?”

Jungkook nods again, silently.

“I missed you.”

Jungkook doesn’t reply to that.

“You haven’t had your dinner yet.”, the alpha’s voice still just as low, “It’s around 3 A.M. in the morning, Taehyung. And you still haven’t had your dinner.”

“I was-“, Taehyung tries to explain.

“I do not wish to hear any reasons.”

“There shouldn’t be any reasons.”, Jungkook doesn’t let him complete the sentence. “You should have had your dinner already.”

“I was waiting for you.”, Taehyung says weakly, “I am so-”

“You shouldn’t have.”, the alpha stands up, letting go of the omega.

“You shouldn’t have waited for me. You promised.”, Jungkook sounds upset. Angry at his omega, “You promised me that you will take care of yourself until I came back. Is this how you keep your promise?”

“I kept and fulfilled my promise, Jungkook.”, Taehyung defends.

“I took all my medicines the doctors suggested. I sat absolutely still during the check ups. I cooperated when they were running those tests.”, he elaborates, “I did it all, although I hated it. I still did it all for you. Because I promised you.”

“That’s the bare minimum!”

“Irrespective of the promise, you should have anyway done those things.”, Jungkook rages, “Had there been no such promise, would you have avoided the necessary?”

“Yeah, maybe!”, Taehyung shrugs, growing a little irritated, “Had I not promised you, I probably would have skipped.”

“Taehyung!”, warning clear in Jungkook’s voice.

“What?”, Taehyung raises his already weak voice, “What Taehyung, huh?! Always Taehyung and Taehyung! I don’t want to talk to you!”

“We will not have any arguments over compromising your health. Is that clear?”, Jungkook asks.

Taehyung doesn’t respond.

“I am asking you something, Taehyung.”, the alpha speaks, “Answer me. Is that clear?”

When Taehyung still doesn’t answer, the alpha goes to hold his arms making the omega look at him, “Taehyung.”

“I said, I don’t want to talk to you!”

“You don’t have to talk to me, just answer me.”, Jungkook says, “Tell me it’s clear to you.”

“Answering is talking!”, Taehyung’s hands curl into fists.

“Not answering is not talking.”, the alpha disagree, “Answering my questions doesn’t mean you are talking to me.”

“Who’s arguing now, huh?”, Taehyung asks, as a tiny pout begins to find its place on his lips.

Jungkook lets go then, his head bowed, he breathes out. Surrendering.

“I was waiting for you all this time.”, the omega speaks, sad, “I was waiting so hard for you to come back.”

“When the doctors were performing those tests on me, I felt so weak. And my head felt so heavy.”, he complains to his alpha, “I felt dizzy. But I still sat so still. Like this.”, he shows him how still he had sat throughout those long annoying check-ups.
“And I did it all for you. Because I thought when you come back home, you will be happy.”, he sniffles a little.

“I am happy, Taehyung.”, Jungkook emphasizes.

“No, you are not!”, Taehyung punches the blanket covering him, “You are just scolding me. You are complaining!”

“I am not scolding you.”, Jungkook’s voice softens, “Neither am I complaining. All I am saying is-”

“How I failed at keeping the promise I made to you!”, Taehyung completes the sentence, “I tried my best, okay? I just didn’t want to have the dinner without you.”

“Taehyung”, Jungkook rushes to hold that sad face when he notices how the omega’s eyes are glistening slowly. “I know you tried your best. I am so happy that you did so well. You were so strong throughout. I am proud of you.”

“You are?”, Taehyung blinks back the tears at that.

“I am.”, Jungkook exhales deeply, finally smiling, “I am really proud of you. Thank you for being so strong. So brave.”

Taehyung gulps, giving back a smile to the alpha.

Jungkook leans closer to plant a kiss on the omega’s forehead, “You did amazing. The best.”

“I am so happy to see you.”, Taehyung’s smile widens.

Jungkook nods, “I am too. I am happy to see you, Taehyung.”

“Thank you for coming back to me.”, the omega whispers.

But this time, Jungkook doesn’t respond. He doesn’t reply.

There’s a knock on the door then.


Kawan’s voice reaches them.

“Come in, Kawan.”, Jungkook answers.

Kawan does. He opens the door to enter the room, pushing the serving trolley that holds Taehyung’s dinner.

“Thank you.”, Jungkook gives him a curt nod.

Taehyung watches Kawan bow deeply before exiting the room just as quickly.

Jungkook brings the trolley closer to the bed.

“Did you scold Kawan, too?”, Taehyung asks.

“What?”, Jungkook stops, turning to look at the omega.

“Why does Kawan look so sad?”, Taehyung frowns.

“You care about how sad he looks, but couldn’t even give a damn about how I am begging you to have your dinner?”, Jungkook asks instead.

“So you did scold Kawan.”, Taehyung nods to himself.

“I didn’t scold him.”, Jungkook goes back to preparing a plate for the omega.

“You did.”, Taehyung crosses his arms over his chest, “Why did you scold him?”

“I didn’t. Didn’t scold him.”, Jungkook successfully arranges a perfect plate consisting of all things healthy. His omega needs all the nutritions right now, “And we are not having this conversation.”

“Huh!”, Taehyung makes a face before looking away.

“Come here.”, Jungkook sits down in the bed in front of him, “Have your dinner.”

“Where’s your dinner?”

“I will have my dinner.”, Jungkook says, “First, I wanna see you have your dinner. Come on, have-”

“No!”, Taehyung’s back with the pout, “Prepare a plate for yourself, too. I will wait.”

“Taehyung, I will have my dinner.”, Jungkook tries to convince, “Just have let me-”

“No! No!”, Taehyung shakes his head, adamant. Not ready to give up. “I am not having dinner without you.”

The alpha watches him for a few minutes before letting out a defeated sigh, “All right. Fine.”

Taehyung smiles.

The alpha goes to do what is told before he is being again stopped by the omega. “Wait!”

“Hmm?”, Jungkook turns to look at him, “What is it now?”

“Seems like you haven’t freshen up.”, Taehyung says with his brows snapped together, “Atleast get rid of your of blazer. It looks uncomfy.”

“Ah”, Jungkook stutters a little, “I am fine.”, he lets out a breathy chuckle. “Don’t worry. I am used to wearing it often.”

Taehyung’s brows furrowed as his eyes search for something in Jungkook’s face, “Are you hiding something from me?”

“What?”, Jungkook’s voice drops, he gulps. “What are you-”

“You are hiding something from me.”, Taehyung finally concludes, sure. “What is it, Jungkook?”

“What-“, Jungkook fumbles at first, unsure of the current situation, “I am not-”

“You said, you can’t lie to me.”, Taehyung cuts him off, “So why are you doing it?”

“Taehyung-“, the alpha tries again.

“Get rid of your blazer right now, Jungkook.”, Taehyung demands.


“Shrug out of your blazer right now!”, the omega growls. Rage seeping through his skin, making him grasp for air.

Jungkook shuts his eyes momentarily, before he decides to surrender.

He stands up, slowly unbuttoning, and then shrugging out of the blazer.

Taehyung’s eyes are sharp on the alpha’s face but then, they are flickering over to Jungkook’s chest, and the omega feels his heart stutter.

The alpha’s white shirt is painted red with blood.

A criminally deep wound siting on his throat down to his very upper abdomen.

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Taehyung feels as if he can longer breathe. The blanket gripped painfully in his fists, the omega’s vision blurring, and stuck there.

“Tae-“, Jungkook comes closer.

But Taehyung cannot hear a word any longer. His heart thudding in his chest, blood pounding in his ears.

The omega cannot afford the luxury of staying any closer to Jungkook. His chest growing tighter with every passing second, “I-“, he struggles to form words, “I-It’s op-”

“It’s stitched.”, the alpha rushes to answer. “Taehyung, it’s stitched. It’s not open. No.”

“Taehyung, look at me.”, Jungkook shifts closer to the omega on the bed, “I am fine. Tae-”

“It’s-“, Taehyung chokes on a sob, as the bile rises in his throat.

“Tae-“, Jungkook hurries to hold the omega, when he notices Taehyung growing weaker, falling back.

“Look at me, Taehyung.”, Jungkook cups the omega’s face tightly, securely, “I am fine, okay? It’s not open. It’s stitched. I am fine.”

Taehyung refuses to look at him. He refuses to belive those words, when he can see the wound for himself.

The somewhat crescent-shape laceration running vertically down the alpha’s figure makes Taehyung feel numb.

He shakes his head, slowly. Eyes focused right where it was. “You-”

“Taehyung, look at me, please.”, Jungkook begs. “Not there. Look at me. Me. Only me.”

“I am fine, Taehyung. I really am.”, Jungkook tries to convince him.

“You are-“, the omega finally looks at him. Jungkook notices how those eyes are now red, holding a sort of pain that breaks the alpha apart. “You are fine?”, Taehyung breathes out. His face contorting.

“I am-”

“Don’t!”, Taehyung growls before the alpha could complete the sentence, “You are anything but fine.”, silent tears roll down his face. “You were hiding this from me? Thought you can hide this-”

“No, no, no.”, Jungkook shakes his head frantically, “I wasn’t going to hi-”

“You didn’t tell me about-“, the omega feels stranded. He squeezes his eyes shut, nails digging into his palms.

“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to worry you, Taehyung.”, Jungkook explains, grasping for air himself. “It’s just a small cut. And I am absolutely fine.”

“Also, I got it stitched while on my way back to you. So, it’s much better now.”, Jungkook nods, trying to make the omega believe his words, “It’s just a cut. I took painkillers. A few injections, too. So it’s all good now, yeah? There’s nothing to worry about, I promise.”
“How is stitched when it looks so-“, Taehyung covers his face with hands before even completing the sentence, crying.

“It’s not open, Taehyung. No.”, the alpha pulls him closer, “You have to trust me. Please.”

“Yeah, maybe it does look otherwise, but that’s only because of the blood clotting.”, Jungkook explains, “There was a little loss of blood. And I couldn’t take care of it right at that moment, so whatever little blood was oozing out of the cut, it clotted around it.”
“Due to the blood clotting, the stitches aren’t visible, and the cut looks fresh, as if not mended. But that’s not the case. Trust me.”, the alpha breathes, the concerned expression never leaving his face, “I took care of this wound. There’s nothing to worry about it anymore.”
“You feel better now?”, Taehyung mumbles, scared, worried eyes finding his alpha.

“Yes!”, Jungkook gives him a pained smile, “I feel much, much better.”

“And you are not hiding anything from me anymore?”

“No.”, Jungkook shakes his head lightly, “There’s nothing more to it.”

“Okay.”, Taehyung blinks rapidly, sniffling.

“You trust me?”, the alpha asks.

Taehyung remains quiet for few moments. The silence scares Jungkook. Afraid of the answer.

But the omega slowly nods, and Jungkook lets out a deep sigh.

He leans forward to press a long kiss on Taehyung’s forehead, mumbling a soft, “Thank you.”, against his skin.

“You took the required meds?”, the omega questions.

“Yes, I did.”, Jungkook nods.

“What about the doctor?”, he adds, “Did you at least go to the doctor?”

“Yes, I did visit the doctor on my way back home.”, Jungkook replies, “He suggested a few medicines for the next few weeks. And it is him who did the stitching.”

“What did he say about the w-wound?”, Taehyung questions, eyes going back to the laceration, “Is there something to-”

“The doctor said that the little wound would be healed a lot earlier, if my omega isn’t much upset about it, and that I will feel no pain, if he absolutely stops worrying.”

“Jungkook!”, the answer annoys Taehyung, “This is not funny! You need to stop-”

“I am fine, trust me.”, Jungkook takes Taehyung’s hand in his, planting a warm kiss on his knuckles as an assurance, “And that I see you, I feel absolutely perfect. I can finally breathe. There’s nothing to worry about it anything anymore, Taehyung. I took care of everything.”
“Can we please have our dinner now?”, Jungkook requests, “I am really hungry, too.”

“So now you are hungry?”, Taehyung gives him a deadpan look.

But the alpha is giving him those puppy eyes, as his lips are curling down, “Please?”, he tilts his head to the side.

“Fine.”, Taehyung breathes out, “But first, go and freshen up. Take as much time as you need, but just make sure you are all right.”


“Please let’s not argue on this. I am tired.”

“Okay. I am sorry.”, the alpha follows, “I will go, change and freshen up.”

“Thank you.”

Jungkook comes back looking a lot more fresh, comfortable and so, so fine, Taehyung thinks.

The omega’s eyes remain stuck on his figure. The alpha’s hair is wet, he ruffles it, trying to dry. His body is somewhat soaked too, making the flimsy t-shirt stick tightly to itself.

There are water droplets on his neck, around his throat. Taehyung’s eyes trail each of those drops of water.

And Jungkook’s scent? His scent is maddening at this point for the omega. It makes Taehyung feel. Feel a little too much.

His lips remain parted, before he gulps, hard.

“Hey!”, Jungkook smiles, walking towards the bed after shutting the door behind him.

“H-hi.”, Taehyung looks away, as if been caught red handed doing something he shouldn’t be. His cheeks heating up.

“Ready for the dinner?”, the alpha comes to sit in front of him on the bed.

The dinner goes rather peacefully. Unlike the usual, they eat in somewhat silence this time. Mostly comprising of Jungkook continuously adding something extra in the omega’s plate, and Taehyung is too busy stealing glances to hold any objections against it.
“How are you feeling right now?”, Jungkook asks right after the dinner.

“I feel much better.”, Taehyung smiles, honest.

“How’s the pain now?”

“I don’t feel it anymore.”

The alpha nods, as he holds out a glass of water and a few medicines for the omega to take.

“I am glad.”

Jungkook watches how Taehyung makes a face before finally giving in, and deciding to take those medicines. Swallowing those rather bitter pills, one by one.

“Good.”, the alpha’s lips curl up on their own accord.

Taehyung hands the empty glass back to Jungkook.

Jungkook places the glass on the bed-side table, before going to sit closer to the omega.

“There’s something I want to talk to you about.”, his voice turning serious, almost cold.

“What is it?”, Taehyung exhales deeply, resting.

“It’s about the attack.”

Taehyung nods at that.

“You know who attacked you, don’t you?”, Jungkook asks, muscles just as tensed.

The omega nods again, “Your father’s men.”

“Which basically means, my father sent his men to attack you.”, Jungkook adds.

“Do you know about his motives?”, the alpha asks, “What he had planned for you?”

“Planned?”, Taehyung’s brows snapped together.

“Yeah, it’s been years.”, Jungkook’s jaws locked, “Years since he had been planning to k!ll you. For years, he had been after your blood.”

“Ever since you were 14 years old.”

Taehyung lets out a shaky breath at that, suddenly feeling too cold. But he still doesn’t utter a single word.

“After all these years of planning, he had finally got the right opportunity.”, Jungkook closes his eyes momentarily.

“I tried my level best to keep you away from him. So, so fucking away that not even his shadow crosses you. Ever.”, Jungkook breathes out, hands coiling into fists, “Somewhere safe, where no evil, no danger can touch you. But I failed. I failed. I couldn’t keep you safe enough.”
“If you had failed, then I wouldn’t have been here, sitting in front of you.”, Taehyung grits out, eyes brimming with tears, “If you couldn’t keep me sage enough, then tell me, how am I still alive? How am I still breathing just fine, feeling all right?”
“He still got an opportunity to hurt you.”, Jungkook’s voice tight, almost choked.

“Not enough.”, Taehyung shakes his head, “Couldn’t hurt me enough. Because I have you. No one can ever hurt me, irrespective of how dangerous they are. I have you to protect me. Keep me safe.”

Jungkook doesn’t reply to that. But those words allow him to let out a breath, slowly opening his eyes.

“On Saturday morning after we came back home, I received a call from one of my agents in Busan. They said that they had found a new lead that was connected to my father.”

“The new lead was basically my father’s right hand man, working under him for years now.”, Jungkook reveals, “But due to some recent issues between the two of them, and my father being the way he is, he didn’t think twice before losing his most trusted man who worked for him.”
“This man reached out to us right after he was thrown out by my father.”, Jungkook gets up from bed, walking away, “He was too mad. Couldn’t himself believe that my father did that to him. He wanted to finish my father. Bring his empire down. And this was our trump card.”
“He was ready to give us all the details regarding him, his plans.”, Jungkook nods to himself, “My father has always been the an extremely private person. No one can really track his next move. So when this man was ready to tell us about his futures moves, we wanted it all.”
“According to him, my father was drawing out a plan to attack, and thereby k!dnap. I knew this, always. But I just couldn’t figure out, as to when or where he was planning to execute this.”, Jungkook says, “Therefore, I just couldn’t afford to let go of you. Anywhere. Anytime.”
“I was always on the fucking edge. Almost went crazy. Paranoid.”, Jungkook grits out, still frustrated over it, “I wanted to make sure that he doesn’t get a chance. And then we got this lead, and the man told us that he had certain pictures and a draft of my father’s plan.”
“We knew that the draft would give us everything we needed, and those pictures would be enough proof to keep my father at bay.”, Jungkook turns to finally look at the omega, “So when I received the call that morning, I couldn’t afford to waste a second. I left for Busan.”
“When you had called on Saturday”, the alpha pauses, “I wasn’t in the flight. I was in the car with Yoongi hyung. We were on the way to Busan.”

“Why would you lie to me?”, Taehyung mumbles.

“I had two reasons for that.”

“First, I didn’t know how long the entire planning, the process would take, before I can finally bring an end to the entire thing once and for all. If I had told you, I was going to Busan, then you would have raised some question, as to why would it take me that long.”
“But if I had told you that I was travelling abroad, then even if it would’ve taken me over a week to come back home, you wouldn’t have questioned that much. You would have understood, like you did. It was easier.”

“So you just decided to lie to me like that?”

“I am sorry.”, Jungkook’s eyes casted down.

“What’s the second reason?”

“Huh?”, the alpha looks up at him.

“You said, you had two reasons to lie to me.”, Taehyung speaks, “What’s the second reason?”

Jungkook curses, looking away.

“What was that?”, Taehyung frowns.

“N-nothing.”, Jungkook curses under his breath this time.

“I am still waiting for the second reason, Jungkook.”, Taehyung crosses his arms over his chest.

“I had panicked.”, the alpha mumbles, almost incoherent.

“You had what?!”, the omega is surprised this time.

“I am sorry, okay?”, Jungkook tries to defend his actions, “I-… I just don’t know how to lie to you.”, he raises his hands up, “And I just panicked when you asked me. I didn’t know you would be that upset with me.”, he sounds a little sad now, “I am sorry.”
“It’s okay.”, Taehyung whispers, breathing out.

Jungkook sighs, “We reached Busan, and everything was going smoothly. We got the draft, the pictures, every detail about his futures moves, the man kept his word. Unlike other times, everything was going fine this time.”

“Until-“, his muscles tensing up, jaws hardening, “Until I got the news. Until I was informed that they had managed to attack you.”

The alpha looks away when his eyes begin to burn. He tries to regulate his breathing.

“Jungkook”, Taehyung’s voice filled with concern, alert.

“My father probably got to know about the sudden change in my schedule. I am not sure how he got to know that I was leaving for Busan. But then again, he has his ways. Too many men scattered around the city of Seoul. Too many agents infected around us. Around you.”
“And as soon as he saw opportunity, he grabbed it. Made sure his path was clear, before he finally executed his plan.”

“But he still couldn’t succeed.”, Taehyung has a smile on his face when he speaks, “He still couldn’t win after all these years of planning.”

“You didn’t let him win. You saved me. Like you always, you will protect me. Never let anything harm me. Never let any threat slide.”, the omega’s eyes glimmering, “You kept your promise. You didn’t let anything happen to me. I am safe, and absolutely fine.”
“You are safe.”, Jungkook whispers, as if to himself. His own eyes holding the same pain, the same hurt, those unshed tears. “You are fine.”

“You saved me.”, Taehyung nods, a tear rolling down his face, “It’s because of you that I am fine. That no one could hurt me.”

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Jungkook nods a little at that, eyes focusing back at his feet.

“Can you please come here a little?”, Taehyung extends his arm, “Sit a little close to me?”

The alpha watches him, breath caught in his chest. Jungkook finds himself immobile, lips parted.

“Jungkook, please?”, the omega requests, brows furrowed.

Jungkook starts walking, his face holding no expression. He walks, as if he knows no better. He walks, as if he has nowhere else to go.

Jungkook walks, as if he’s going back home.

Taehyung reaches to hold his hand, as soon as the alpha is closer enough to him. “Sit now.”, he pouts, “And don’t go anywhere else, okay?”

Jungkook still doesn’t respond. How doesn’t know how to respond to the omega anymore.

“Okay?!”, Taehyung raises his voice.

“Okay.”, Jungkook nods jerkily.

“Good.”, Taehyung breathes out, “Now, I want to tell you something.”

Jungkook frowns.

“Nothing to worry about, I just want talk about the attack, and how I felt.”, he adds.

“Are sure you want to talk about it right now?”, the alpha asks.

“Of course!”, Taehyung shrugs, “But the question is, do you want to hear about it now? Like if you aren’t-”

“I want to hear whatever you want to tell me.”, Jungkook doesn’t let him complete the sentence, “Whatever you want to talk about.”

The omega smiles at first, “Okay.”

“Yesterday, that is, Sunday morning, I received a call from one of the faculty members of our college.”, Taehyung starts, “Apparently there were some issues regarding certain documents related to the end-semester examination.”
“So, the faculty had called a meeting, and they wanted me to join as well. At first, I wasn’t sure if I should attend, because only the Dean and a few of the Board of directors are supposed to join. So when they said, they wanted me to attend, I was a little unsure.”
“The first thing that came to my mind is that there’s something more to it. Like, something suspicious. So, I told them, I was busy and that couldn’t join. They didn’t say anything against it and I thought, it was over for good.”, he continues, “But then I received another call.”
“It was an unknown number and when I picked, the man on the other side introduced himself as one of the members of the board of directors.”, he says, “He informed that since the issue was related to the documents submitted by my department, so my presence was mandatory.”
“And I don’t know, I was like in a dilemma.”, Taehyung shrugs lightly, “And I ended up deciding to join the meeting.”

“Why didn’t you talk to me about this, Taehyung?”, Jungkook breathes out, brows snapped together, “You weren’t even picking up my calls. Couldn’t you have told-”

“I was mad at you, okay?!”, Taehyung defends, “And I didn’t want to talk to you!”, he crosses his arms over his chest.

“What do you mean you didn’t want to talk to me?”, Jungkook leans closer, “Do you realise how-”

“God! I don’t wanna talk about it right now!”

“Are you going to listen to me or not?”, he pouts.

“First tell me, why wouldn’t you talk to me?”, Jungkook is stuck there, “I wanted to talk to you. I called you a million times.”

“Why did you call me a million times?!”, Taehyung points a finger at him, “Did I tell you to?”

“I called you because I wanted to hear your voice!”, Jungkook frowns some more, “Was it so difficult for you to just answer, and let me hear you once? Just once?! That’s all I wanted.”

Taehyung doesn’t reply. He simply looks away.

“I am talking to you, Taehyung.”

“And I don’t want to talk you about it!”, Taehyung snarls, “When you left on Saturday morning without even considering to inform me once, you didn’t think about wanting to hear my voice! You didn’t care then. Why now? Why did you want to talk when you weren’t even close to me?!”
“I told you the reason behind it.”, Jungkook defends, upset, “When I received the call that morning, it drove me crazy! I couldn’t afford to lose a minute anywhere.”

“So I am anywhere?”, Taehyung’s jaw locks.


“You said, you couldn’t afford to lose a minute anywhere.”

“Taehyung-“, the alpha lets out a sigh.

“No, tell me.”, Taehyung doesn’t wish to hear anything else right now, “I really want to know. I am ‘anywhere’ to you?!”

“You are not anywhe-“, Jungkook tries to explain.

“Then why would you say it!”, the omega raises his voice.

Jungkook has his eyes closed as he breathes slowly.

“So now you are not speaking, huh?”, Taehyung mocks. “Why, because I got you bad?”

“Yeah”, the alpha looks up at him, eyes holding something more now, “Yeah, you got me real bad. Real bad.”

“Argh!”, the omega suddenly lets out a scream.

“What now?”, Jungkook bites his lower lip, smiling.

“Don’t look at me like that!”, Taehyung is angry, “Okay! I admit! You had a valid reason that morning! You were too worried about the entire thing and for me to even think right.”

“And I should have at least answered one of your million calls!”, he sighs angrily.

“One of the million calls?”, Jungkook cocks a brow.

Taehyung throws another glare at the alpha, “Okay! All of the million calls! Happy now?”

“Happiest.”, Jungkook grins widely.

“You are so annoying!”, Taehyung’s pout grows more prominent.

“I am?”, the alpha asks.

“Yes”, Taehyung grits out, “Yes, you are! Very annoying!”


“Stop accepting everything I say!”

“Okay. I am sorry.”, Jungkook tilts his head.

“You accepted again! Shut up!”

“Anyway”, Taehyung looks back at him, “Do you want to hear the entire story or not?”

“Yes, I am sorry.”, Jungkook nods again, “Please, tell me. I want to hear.”

“Like I was saying-“, Taehyung resumes, “I decided to attend the meeting. My bad. Probably should have done better.”

“I was accompanied by two of your secretaries, your manager and bodyguards.”, he adds.

“Not accompanied.”, Jungkook says, “It’s their job to stay right by your side in my absence. They were only following my orders, doing their jobs.”

“Woah! Okay.”, Taehyung holds his hands up, “Got it. Doing their job.”

“Right.”, Jungkook nods a little, “I don’t like the term, ‘accompanied’.”

“Yeah, saw that.”, Taehyung teases, before speaking again, “Everything was going fine till then. No issues. No threat visible.”

“But as soon as the car came to a stop and I got out of it, something felt off.”, Taehyung frowns a bit, “I don’t know, but like there was something not right.”

Jungkook leans closer, “Anything odd?”

“Yeah”, the omega replies, “The gaurds.”

“What about them?”

“Those guards were new.”, Taehyung informs, “I hadn’t ever seen them before. Maybe newly appointed?”

“Chances of that happening are pretty low.”, Jungkook says.

“What do you mean?”

“Irrespective of the position, or role of the job, every newly appointed staff start with their work at the start of the week.”, the alpha explains.

“So what are you suggesting?”

“Someone changed those guards.”, Jungkook concludes.


“I need the names of all the members of the board of directors of your university.”, Jungkook says.

“What-“, Taehyung isn’t sure of the reason behind it, “Why?”

“I am absolutely sure, my father us related to this.”

“Related to the university?”


“I think”, Jungkook looks ahead, “The man who called you introducing himself as a member of the board of directors is, in fact, my father.”

Taehyung hums, “That would actually makes sense.”

“Yeah, this was basically all his plan.”, Jungkook nods to himself, “Entirely.”

“Those guards wouldn’t allow me to enter.”, Taehyung says, “And then, before I could turn around to talk about it with your manager, or secretaries, I was struck with something hard, metallic, maybe a rod of some kind, against the back of my head.”
“It all went a little blurry then.”, Taehyung frowns, as he tries to recollect, “I remember stumbling and falling back. I think, they wanted me unconscious. Maybe landed a few punches, kicked my stomach, hit me a few more times, before my vision went absolutely black. Blank.”
“I don’t remember anything after that.”, Taehyung has a faint smile on his lips, “And when the next time I opened my eyes, and I still didn’t see you, I didn’t want to wake up at all.”

“Taehyung”, Jungkook’s voice has a blend of panicked and warning tone to it. “Don’t.”

The alpha’s hand goes to hold the side if Taehyung’s face, “I am sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?”, Taehyung is genuinely confused, “Why would-”

“Because I couldn’t be there.”, Jungkook mumbles, “I couldn’t be there to protect you. I failed.”

“You didn’t fail, Jungkook. You never did.”, Taehyung goes to hold his wrist, “You couldn’t be there because you were busy trying to bring an end to it all, so that there exists no need for you, or anyone to protect me any longer. You wanted to keep me safe forever.”
Jungkook doesn’t utter a word after that. His eyes glistening, as the tips of his nose grow red.

“So don’t ever again say things like this, okay?”, Taehyung complains. “I will really not talk to you, or pick up your calls then.”

Jungkook breathes out a soft laugh at that.

“Now can I ask you something?”, Taehyung says.

“Anything.”, Jungkook nods.

“You said that everything is finally over. You brought an end to it all. So does that mean-”

“My father will never again have the power, or capability to harm you in any way.”

“Did you-“, Taehyung gulps, fumbling with words.

“I didn’t k!ll him.”, the alpha shakes his head, “No.”

The omega lets out a breath, he didn’t know he was holding.

“K!lling him is like, giving him an easy de@th. He doesn’t deserve it.”

“I don’t think I can ever consider my father as a human.”, Jungkook’s jaw hardens, he lets go of the omega, “He deserves the most cruel punishment that there exists.”

Those words send a shiver down Taehyung’s spine. He lets out a shaky breath.

“With all the proofs that his right-hand man provided us against him, he isn’t going to get out of the jail in this lifetime.”, Jungkook closes his eyes for a second, “Freedom and power drove him till here. Those were something that he craved and wanted the most in his life.”
“But now-“, Jungkook pauses, fists clenched painfully, “I took it all away from him. He is absolutely powerless now. The fear of never walking on this planet as a free man ever again will k!ll him every day. Every second he lets out a breath, he will wish for de@th.”
“This is what he deserves. This is what he always deserved.”, Jungkook gives a low chuckle, “I only gave him what he deserves. Treated him pretty kindly for that matter.”

“Jungkook-“, Taehyung reaches to hold those lost hands of his alpha that look a little too alone now.

“I never truly had a father, you know.”, Jungkook turns to look at him. Taehyung notices how those fierce eyes are now brimming with tears. “And the best part? Turns out, when I saw seven, my father k!lled my mother, too. Lovely man, isn’t he?”
Taehyung doesn’t have the courage to speak an word. His grip tightening around the alpha, who now looks a little lost, as if slowly drifting away, disappearing.

The thought is so terrifying to the omega, he chokes out his name, “Jungkook”

“I want to tell you something, Taehyung.”, Jungkook is no longer looking at him. He pulls his hands away.

And Taehyung is suddenly feeling too cold. “What is it?”

The alpha rises from the bed, before beginning to walk away and towards the vast floor to celing window.

“You had a little brother.”, Jungkook speaks, voice impassive, “3 years younger to you. Isn’t it?”

Taehyung doesn’t answer.

“He was k!lled when you were only 14 years old.”, Jungle leans closer to the window, “Do you know who k!lled him, Taehyung?”

“My father.”

Taehyung squeezes his eyes shut. Hands gripping the bedsheet. His heart beating a lot faster now.

“Do you know why he killed him?”, the alpha asks then, “Because apparently a kid, only 11 years old, knows something so grave about him that could pose as a threat.”

“A threat so enormous that it could jeopardize his freedom, and probably even burn him down to ashes. He would be left with nothing. He was so terror-stricken then, that he thought k!lling a child would bring an end to his problem. Ending it from the very source.”
“And do you know how and when I got to know about it all?”, Jungkook then turns to look at the omega, who looks a lot paler now. “It was raining all too heavily that day. It was my 17th birthday.”

Taehyung feels his heart stop beating at that.

“My father had thrown a lavish party as usual, and all I was trying to do is hide.”, Jungkook’s face now holds a broken smile, “I hated those parties. It was like a mockery to me. Disgusting. It still disgusts me to the core. Every year on my birthday, I would try to escape.”
“I would try to run away. I don’t know where I was planning to go. I think, I had no plans for that matter.”, the alpha’s eyes casted far off, “I just wanted to disappear. And that year too, the objective was same. I wanted to run away. So I left home to find a place to hide.”
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“I didn’t know how far I was running. I just kept moving until I was out of breath.”, Jungkook says, “Then a sort of cottage came into view. It wasn’t exactly a cottage. I don’t even remember what the fuck it was. It’s all too blurry in my mind. I only remember moving.”
“As soon as I saw that old house, I thought maybe I can take shelter there for the night. A good place to hide. I started walking towards it.”, Taehyung notices how those muscles tense, “I didn’t know or even realise the house wasn’t empty. Didn’t know there were people inside.”
“I wasn’t thinking much. There was this little window at the front of the house. At first, I thought I should enter the house through those windows. But the windows had these broken glasses and I wasn’t sure, if it was safe enough, or if I would fit through.”
“And my first thought was, ‘I should peek’. As I moved closer to the window, I heard this scream. A gut-wrenching scream, as if someone was calling for help.”, Jungkook’s fists tightens, “And my mind went blank. I rushed towards the window. A-and I-”
“I d-don’t know”, the alpha shakes his head, “I- I…”, he grasps for air, “I just-”

“Jungkoo-“, Taehyung reaches for Jungkook. But the alpha is a little too far. And Taehyung can’t hold him.

“I saw my father had his gun pointed at this little boy.”, Jungkook’s voice impassive.

“The boy looked almost lifeless. Maybe he was shivering a bit.”, the alpha’s face holds absolutely no emotions. As if, numb. His eyes casted down. “I don’t remember.”, he frowns, “I just froze there. But then, there was this voice in the back of my head that kept begging me.”
“Begging me to move. Begging me to save the little boy’s life, who looked so fucking helpless. So fucking-“, he pauses. Eyes now, brimming with tears. The omega notices how those eyes flash red. Pain, hatred, disgust. “I don’t remember much after that.”
“All I knew was breaking through the window. Maybe I was bleeding somewhere. My arms?”, the alpha doesn’t remember a thing about it, “But I couldn’t feel the wound, or even the pain. It didn’t hurt. All I could hear was the voice, and all I could see was the boy’s face.”
“I couldn’t even feel my skin. Or, even my heart beat. Nothing felt real.”, Jungkook breathes out, painful. “And when I realised what was going on around me, I was already inside that dingy room. Standing in front of that little boy. My father’s gun, now pointed at me.”
“My father-“, Jungkook’s face slowly loosing its colour, “He looked so monstrous. So terrifying. His eyes”, he pauses, “Blood-shot. He was screaming at me. Yelling something, neither could I hear nor did I understand.”, he lets out a chuckle, “Shit, he even hit me with that gun.”
“He kept asking me something. Probably something like, ‘how I got there’, or like, ‘how did I know about it’.”, Jungkook’s brows snapped together, “I had answers. Because maybe, I too, was trying to find the answers to those questions. I was just as confused. Fazed.”
“I didn’t even know he was hitting me until there was too much blood gushing out of my forehead and blurring my vision.”, Jungkook laughs, hollow, “But by then, I didn’t care because I had held the little boy tightly in my arms. So fucking tightly. They couldn’t hit him anymore.”
“They couldn’t hit him, Taehyung.”, Jungkook now has a smile on his lips. A smile so devastatingly painful that Taehyung’s heart clenches in his chest, “I made sure they couldn’t hit him. They couldn’t even touch him. I held him so, so tightly.”, he wraps his arms around himself.
“I know.”, the omega breathes out. Those tears clinging to his lashes finally make their way down his face, “I know.”

Jungkook snaps his head to look at Taehyung. But Taehyung’s eyes are shut, squeezed shut, and his face slowly contorting. “Y-you-“, the alpha stutters, “What-”

“I was there when they killed my brother.”, Taehyung murmurs, “They had kidnapped both of us.”

Jungkook stops breathing when the omega utters those words. His stumbles a few steps back. “What are you-”

“We were on our way back home from the grocery store that day.”

“My brother had a kind of pendrive with him.”, Taehyung reveals. Eyes finally finding the alpha, “I think that pendrive belonged to your father, and he wanted it back. They forced us into a car, took us to that house. I don’t remember anything after that.”
“They had thrashed me across the head and shoulders too many times until I lost my consciousness.”, the omega feels breathless, “And when I finally could open my eyes, when the darkness faded a little, I saw you. Although it all too foggy, blurred, I saw you.”
“You were holding my brother so tightly. So secure. You are right! They couldn’t touch him. You didn’t let them hurt him.”, Taehyung has a faint smile on his face, “You had hil pressed against your chest. Close to your heart. You took those hits for him. Protected him even then.”
“They were hurting you so much. Still you didn’t let go of him.”, the omega’s voice breaks, “And I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t. They had me bound and gagged. My hands and feet felt too numb. They had tied and locked me against a pole. I couldn’t even move a fucking muscle.”
“I couldn’t sav-“, he halts, letting out a shaky breath, “I just sat there, helpless. But then, suddenly your father got this sort of rod, and he struck you with it. It struck you at the back of your head.”, he grips the blanket painfully tight, “There was too much blood. T-too-”
“You didn’t even utter a word. Not even when he kept striking you with the rod.”, Taehyung chokes on a sob, “You still had my brother held so securely in your arms. But then, you were losing too much blood. Way too much. And I think, that’s when you lost your consciousness, too.”
“Y-you-“, Jungkook hands tremble, his knees feel too weak.

“I knew, Jungkook.”, Taehyung breathes out, “I always knew.”

“You knew.”, the alpha speak, as if to himself. “You always knew.”, he nods, slow.

“You tried your best to protect him.”, the nods back, “I know. I saw.”

“Jungkook, I know you tried. You did your level best, more than anyone ever could. More than me, more than his own brother.”, Taehyung chokes those words out, “You protected him till his last breath, I know. I saw it all, Jungkook. I have always known.”
“You were the only in that room who tried to save his life. The only one in this world who chose to protect him, even when your own life was at stake. He only had you.”

“I couldn’t save his life still.”, Jungkook’s voice no longer holds any emotions, “Couldn’t protect him.”

“They took him away. They k!lled him. I failed.”, the alpha takes a few steps back, “I failed to protect him. Save his life.”

“You were just a kid, Jungkook!”, Taehyung roars, trying to convince the alpha, “You, yourself, were a kid! A kid! A kid who was being beaten to de@th!”

“Do you hear me?!”, Taehyung screams out, “You were a kid whose own life was at risk! A kid who risked his own damn life to save, to protect an unknown kid! You jumped into the chaos, the extreme danger without even thinking about yourself, your life! Only to protect him!”
“You didn’t even give a single thought about anything else! All you cared about was saving another person’s life over yours!”, Taehyung begs him to believe, “You could have been k!lled that day, too! By your own father! He is fucking monster, Jungkook!”
“Had you not lost your consciousness, had you not been unconscious yourself, he wouldn’t even have stepped back from taking your life too!”, the omega feels too weak now, “Are you listening to me, Jungkook? You were kid! You did your best! You did your fucking best!”
But the alpha is still walking a little too far from Taehyung. His face paler, expression holding no emotion, shoulders drooped. But his eyes? His eyes still hold the same pain. The same hurt. Maybe a little more now. Maybe his heart is tightening a bit too much now.
“Jungkook, please.”, Taehyung speaks through those tears, “Please, I am begging you. You need to stop hurting yourself. Please.”

“I am not hurting myself.”, he shakes his head, “I only need to accept and live with the truth.”

“Jungkook”, the omega tries again, “What are you-”

“The truth is-“, the alpha breathes out.

“You want to know the truth?!”, Taehyung thunders, as he begins to get out of the bed making his way towards his alpha, “You want to know the fucking truth?!”, he points at him. Eyes gathering fresh tears.

“The truth is, when my brother had no one else in this entire world to hold on to, he had you!”, the omega walks closer, “When there was no one to protect him, you held him tightly in your arms. Fighting for him, for his life against those inhuman bastards!”
“And do you know the best part of this little story?”, Taehyung asks tilting his head to the side as he comes to a stop in front of the alpha, “You did it all while risking your own life. Choosing to protect him over your own self! When he had none, you held him. Protected him.”
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“I am so thankful to you.”, Taehyung reaches to cup the alpha’s face. “I am so, so thankful, Jungkook. When my brother was dy!ng, had no one, he had you to hold on to. When the entire world turned their backs on him, you extend your hands towards him. Secured him in your arms.”
“Not a day has past since then, when I haven’t thanked you in my heart. Thanked my stars for you. Thanked God for sending you into my life. Thanked you every moment since that day.”, the omega’s thumbs rub Jungkook’s cheeks, comforting him. Giving him assurance.
“I still failed.”, Jungkook forces himself to speak, his eyes squeezed shut, “I couldn’t save him, Taehyung.”

“Maybe nobody could have saved him from that monsters wrath, Jungkook.”, Taehyung keeps trying, “De@th is inevitable. Nobody can escape it. No matter how hard we try.”

“You gave him a shelter, Jungkook, when he had no home.”, Taehyung’s voice cracks, eyes holding fresh tears, “And for that, I can never thank you enough. For that, I will always be in your debts.”

“I am sorry.”, Jungkook breaks down then, “I am so fucking sorry, Taehyung.”

“I-“, he chokes on a sob. Bile rising up his throat, he feels nauseous. “I am so for what my father-”

“What your father did is on him, Jungkook!”, Taehyung thunders, holding the alpha closer, “Don’t you dare hold yourself accountable for his disgusting and unforgivable deeds!”

“You did more than I, myself, could have ever. More than anyone could have ever done for my brother.”, Taehyung’s voice strong, “You hear me? You tried to save his life! You did it when you knew damn well that you could have k!lled in the exact same place. Right then and there!”
“You thought I never knew anything?”, Taehyung asks, “I always knew. Always knew how fucking you tried. How fucking hard you still try to make things right. How hard you worked to make sure that each of those people who were in that room that day is punished for what they did.”
“You didn’t stop. Even after all these years, when my own parents probably gave up on my brother, gave up trying to seek justice for my brother’s de@th, you didn’t even consider backing out. You never stopped, even when there was no hope. Never rested. Not even for a minute.”
“Not even for a second did you stop, until you achieved the deserved justice for my brother. Gave value to his life.”, silent sobs fill up the room, “When everyone gave up hope, you stayed determined until you successfully put that man, that devil of a father, behind bars.”
“I am so thankful to you, Jungkook. And I am so thankful for you.”, Taehyung tries to smile, “Thank you. Thank you so much.”, he leans in to press his forehead against the alpha’s.

“You knew that he tried to harm you, hurt you as well?”, the alpha finally asks.

Taehyung hums, “But I didn’t know I had you. Didn’t know I always had you around me. Protecting me. Saving me from the evil.”, the omega smiles now, truly. “After that day, I tried to find you at every place. Did everything I could to find you. Looked for you everywhere.”
“But to no avail.”, it upset Taehyung, a lot. “Were you trying to run away from me?”

Jungkook doesn’t reply to that.

“But then, I finally found you.”, the omega’s eyes glimmer, “At that club. That night. And I felt-“, he pauses, breathing out, “I felt I could finally breathe.”

“I never wanted you to find me.”, the alpha speaks, voice no longer holding any emotion. “Did everything in my power to make sure you never find me. To make sure that your eyes don’t never catch me. Wanted to stick by your side like your shadow. Never wanted you to see me.”
“You couldn’t have ever succeeded at that, Jungkook.”, Taehyung only smiles wider. “Because even our shadows don’t stick with, or behind us when the darkness seeps in. But you? You protected me from the dark. And when the darkness grew, you became my light. The brightest one.”
“No”, Jungkook shakes his head, slow and then frantic, “No. You shouldn’t think that way. You shouldn’t, Taehyung.”, he pulls away from the omega, as if those touches burn his skin now. “You should-”

“Jungkook-“, Taehyung steps closer, hurries to hold the alpha, “Please-”

“You shouldn’t think this way at all! No!”, Jungkook gestures him to stop preventing the omega from stepping any closer, “What I did was the only right thing to do! It was the bare minimum I could have ever done. The least! I only protected you from my father. Nothing more!”
“You shouldn’t be thankful for that, Taehyung.”, Jungkook takes several steps away from him, “You shouldn’t be thankful for the bare minimum! I couldn’t give you anything! Ever! You deserve the world. Only the best! And I couldn’t even give you a single damn bit of it. Nothing!”
“You shouldn’t be saying these stuff, yeah?”, Jungkook begs almost. Begs the omega to not utter another word. He furiously wipes his tears away, “I had promised you that I will give you the freedom you deserve. The peace. And that’s probably the only thing I can ever give you.”
“The only thing I can afford to give you.”, his voice drops. “And today, when I know that no evil can ever again come anywhere close to you. Now that I know that no one can harm you, or hurt you in any way, I think I can finally fulfill the promise I made. The promised freedom.”
“Freedom?”, Taehyung sounds betrayed, “You think that’s what I want?”

“That’s the least I can afford to give you. That’s the least I can do for you. That’s the promise I had made.”, the alpha looks away, “You deserve to live freely. Breathe freely. You should have it all.”

“You deserve a life where you don’t have the constant fear of someone trying to hurt you. Trying to harm you.”, Jungkook nods to himself, “A life where there’s no persistent nagging about your safety and protection. No one to continuously bother you, at all times of the day.”
“So from now on you have decided to take my decisions for me, huh?”, Taehyung gives him a chuckle, hollow, “Who gave you the right, Jungkook? Because I am sure, I didn’t.”, he walks up to the alpha, “Talking about freedom? Shouldn’t I have the freedom to decide for myself?!”
“You want to give me a life where I feel free? Breathe freely?”, the omega reaches to grip Jungkook’s shirt, “Did you care to ask what I want? Ever gave a damn about that?!”

“You always mentioned how suffocating it was all getting for you.”, the alpha’s face impassive.

“Kept saying you wanted to feel free. Feel the freedom.”, his eyes finally find Taehyung, “So that’s what I wanted to give you. Because it’s the only thing I could afford.”

“Yes!”, Taehyung grits out, “I did say, I felt suffocated. I did say, I wanted the freedom. I did!”

“But do you know what made me feel suffocated? Do you want to know what freedom I was referring to? Kept talking about?”, Taehyung pulls the alpha closer.

“Tell me.”, Jungkook breathes out.

“My feelings!”, Taehyung roars, “My feelings for you! My feelings!”

“Feelings?”, Jungkook whispers the word. “Wha-”

“I am in love with you, Jungkook.”, Taehyung closes his eyes, finally giving in to the tears. Permitting them their release. “I love you, Jungkook.”, the omega’s breath caught in his chest, “I love you. I love you.”

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“Every time, I referred to freedom, I meant, the freedom to express my feelings for you.”, Taehyung breathes out, “I felt suffocated because I couldn’t express the emotion. Couldn’t tell you that I-“, he pauses, still thinking, “I love you. I wanted to tell you but couldn’t.”
“I wanted to share it all with you. The love, the feelings, the warmth. Everything.”, Taehyung’s eyes find the alpha then, “I want to share my everything with you.”

Jungkook listens to each word, and waits for the next with bated breath.

“The thought of never being able to express these feelings and emotions to you, never getting the opportunity, scared me.”, he lets out a shaky breath, “It made me angry. It made me desperate, act out. The intensity of those made me dizzy. Made me feel suffocated.”
“No matter how many times I tried to reach out, was almost on the verge of telling it all to you thay day, you just wouldn’t allow me.”, the omega sounds agitated still, “Not only was I mad at you for leaving without even informing me once, I was also, extremely upset because-”
“Because?”, Jungkook tilts his head, eyes glistening with fresh tears now.

“Because that day, I wanted to tell you.”

“Tell me what?”

“Tell you that I love you.”, Taehyung murmurs.

“Say that again.”, the alpha demands.

“I l-love you.”, Taehyung repeats. “I love you.”

“How long?”, Jungkook asks then.


“How long have you been feeling this way?”, he elaborates, “How long long have you been holding these feelings?”

Taehyung looks away at that, “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why don’t you know?”, Jungkook reaches to hold his arms, pulling him closer. “These are your feelings, right? Then don’t you know-”

“Because these feelings weren’t forced on me!”, Taehyung growls, “I wasn’t forced to feel this way for you! You didn’t force me to love you!”

“I don’t know because I just fell in love you with each day. Every minute.”, Taehyung’s voice breaks at that, “I wish I could tell you when but I can’t. Because I, myself, don’t know. During those years after my brother-“, he stutters. “When all I wanted was to find you.”
“After school hours, I would skip lunch, wouldn’t go back home but travel around the town asking people, if they had seen someone like you.”, he lets out a hollow chuckle, “I would go around from one store to another describing people how you looked, and if they had seen you.”
“For all these years, I was trying to find you. See you.”

“Why?”, Jungkook’s voice choked. He’s a little too breathless. “Why were you-”

“At first, the mission was to thank you.”, the omega answers, “I wanted to thank you for giving my brother a shelter before he left.”

“But then slowly, I don’t know how or why, but I became a little too greedy.”, Taehyung’s lips curl up a bit at that, “I felt, as if no one would truly understand the pain, the anget that I was through, except for you. I felt you would understand. You get me. You would.”
“I didn’t know anything about you. Shit, I didn’t even know if you were even real, or I was just hallucinating that day.”, his muscles tensing, “But the thought of seeing just one more time, comforted me. Made me feel that I will be okay, if I just saw you one more time.”
“You wanted to find me?”, Jungkook speaks finally. A smile plastered over his lips.

“I did.”, Taehyung allows the tears flow, “I so fucking did.”

“I was always around you.”, the alpha whispers, “While your eyes wanted to see me, my eyes refused to leave you alone.”

“Why wouldn’t you ever let me see you then.”, Taehyung grips his shirt tightly, angry, “If you were always around me, for all those years, why wouldn’t you come in front of me? Just for once.”, he feels too weak. His body giving up. “All I wanted was to see you once. Just once.”
“Because I thought you would hate to see me.”, Jungkook hurries to answer those questions that make grasp for air, “I thought you would associate me with that day, and it would bring you nothing but nightmares. I thought, if I came in front of you, I will only add to the pain.”
“I was so afraid, Taehyung.”, the alpha’s eyes are glimmering, “For all those I tried to submerge myself in your shadows, in the darkness, so that your eyes don’t find me. Because I would think that if you do find me one day, I will lose you. The thought was terrifying.”
“For all those years, when I found my shelter in you, around you, you became my home. I don’t have a place to go, Taehyung. No home. Never had a home, really. So the thought of losing you scared me to de@th. Losing my home. I would do anything but allow that to happen.”
“I am selfish like that.”, he shrugs lightly, “You think I was protecting you? It’s actually the other way round. You protected me. Gave me a shelter. Gave me warmth during those cold nights when I was running away. You didn’t even know, but you were protecting. You always are.”
“If you think I was always protecting you, then why do you always keeping pushing me away?”, Taehyung asks, voice betrayed.

“I don’t know.”, the alpha shakes his head, “I think I am taking too much from you. You keep giving without even asking, and I keep taking. Always taking.”

“Taking too much from me?”, Taehyung asks, “Really?”

Jungkook doesn’t reply to that. he isn’t sure as to whether or not the omega would like to hear the answer again.

“How could you take too much when I am dy!ng to give you my everything?”, Taehyung eyes are filled with tears.

“Just tell me, you don’t want it! You don’t want any of it anymore!”, he thunders.


“No!”, Taehyung shakes his head as tears make their down his face. “You will not give me another of your arguments to find against. I don’t want it now!”

“You have to understand, Taehyung.”, Jungkook speaks then, “I never thought about my wants, couldn’t care less about them. All my life, I have been trying to survive. I have been too busy running from the beast that I forgot about what I wanted, what made me happy.”
“No. You weren’t busy running away. You weren’t busy hiding in the darkness. You’re too strong to do that.”, Taehyung’s grip loosens around the alpha, “You were too busy protecting me. Too busy trying to keep my nightmares far away from me. Busy keeping those monsters at bay.”
“Maybe yeah!”, Taehyung frowns, thinking, “Maybe we were running away from those monsters, those nightmares. But Jungkook, you weren’t alone in that.”, he breathes out, “You weren’t running alone. You had me. Just like, I had you. We were together, Jungkook. Always together.”
“And do you know the best part about it all?”, Taehyung laughs a little, “You weren’t running away from them. You were making them run after you. You wanted them to run after you, so that you can take them to their end. Bring an end to their crimes, the horror, their brutality.”
“But now”, Taehyung smiles, reaching to hold the alpha’s face, “Now we have finally reached our own destination, Jungkook. One that we never thought we had. And those monsters have already met their ends, too. You did it all. You successfully ended it all, Jungkook.”
“But now I am so alone, Taehyung.”, Jungkook bites back those tears. “This ending is making me feel too hollow. If this is the end, the conclusion of those nightmares, then why am I not happy still? I have lost everything. Everything. Now I have no one here with me, Taehyung.”
“You have no one with you?”, Taehyung lets go of him. “No one?”

Jungkook clenches his jaws, fists hardening.

“How could you say that?”, the omega’s voice cracks, “Then what about me, Jungkook? How could say that you have nobody when I am here, right in front of you? You have-”

“I don’t have you.”, Jungkook shuts his eyes for a moment, forcing himself to utter those words, “No.”, he shakes his head lightly, “I can’t have you. I can’t.”

“What-“, Taehyung takes few stumbling steps away from the alpha, “You don’t have me?! You can’t?!”, he roars. “You-”

“I don’t deserve to have you, Taehyung.”, Jungkook shakes his head jerkily, “I don’t deserve it. You-“, he pauses, breath caught in his chest, eyes roaming on the omega’s face in urgency. Trying to form words, “You are filled with kindness, warmth, tenderness, and love.”
“You are filled with love.”, he whispers almost, “So much love. To the very brim. And I don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve it. Because I think-“, his shoulders slump. A faint smile on his lips, “I don’t know what love truly is. What love feels like. Or, even how to love. I don’t-”
“Then allow me.”, Taehyung doesn’t let him speak any further. “Allow me to show you what love is. Tell you what love is. Allow me to make you feel what love is. Allow me to teach you how to love, Jungkook.”, he begs almost, “Please. Let me love you. Please, Jungkook. Let me lov-”
“No”, Jungkook cuts him off, “This is the end. The promised end. The conclusion of it all. It was all decided, Taehyung. You know it.”, he tries to reason, “You have finally reached where there exists none of those evil. Nobody can hurt you, or harm you in any way now. You are-”
“You are right.”, Taehyung gives him a chuckle, hollow. “Nobody can cause me any harm now. Because why will they hurt me when you have already taken up the entire responsibility, singlehandedly?! They can’t even reach me now, because you are k!lling me. Slowly, but k!lling me.”
“Taehyung”, Jungkook takes a step towards him.

“Don’t you fucking dare!”, the omega warns, stepping away. “Don’t you dare come anywhere close to me, Mr. Jeon.”

“I don’t know why you are upset over this!”, frustration grows within Jungkook, “We knew about this end. It was deci-”

“So what now, huh?”, Taehyung cocks a brow, “Divorce?”

Jungkook doesn’t reply to that.

“Send me those papers as soon as possible then, Mr. Jeon.”, a broken, sardonic smile over his lips, “I would really like to get this entire shit done as soon as possible.”

“Wait”, Taehyung tilts his head, thinking. “Do you perhaps have already applied for those divorce papers? Maybe you already have them with you. Do you? Right now?”

“No”, Jungkook looks away. “I don’t have them. Haven’t applied for it yet.”

“Oh”, Taehyung mocks raising his brows, “Not that desperate to get out of this facade of a marriage, after all. My bad. Actually it appeared otherwise.”

Jungkook doesn’t match those fierce eyes. Doesn’t reply.

“Should I talk to my lawyer? Or, you already have your lawyer-”

“Taehyung-“, Jungkook tries to speaks, tries to defend.

“No, seriously, tell me! I am really interested.”, Taehyung laughs, “By the way, now that this entire thing has come to an end, I can date anyone I want, right? Or, should I wait for the entire divorce procedure to end?”

Jungkook doesn’t answer that question. He can’t even bring humse to speak.

“By the way, is it okay if I date one of your bodyguards?”, Taehyung asks, smiling still. “Actually I have spent so much time with them, I have kind of grown fond of them. I think I will miss your manag-”

“Taehyung.”, Jungkook grits out, voice still lowered. “Don’t.”

“Don’t what?”, Taehyung giggles a little, “Date them? Or like, I shouldn’t wait for the divorce proceedings, and just-”

“Don’t you dare complete that fucking sentence, Taehyung.”

“Who do you think, out of them, will be the best boyfriend for me?”, Taehyung doesn’t stop, neither does he listen to a single word the alpha utters. “I, personally, think your manager is like kinda hot, you know. Very punctual and serious about his responsibilities. He will pr-”
But Taehyung doesn’t exactly get to conclude that line. Because before he could speak another word, Jungkook is walking up to him. His arms going around the omega’s waist, pulling him flush against his chest. “I said, don’t.”, he hisses, “Don’t utter another damn word, Taehyung.”
“Is that an order, Mr. Jeon.”, challenge clear in Taehyung’s voice. “I think, you are forgetting-”

“I think, you are forgetting that you are talking to your husband still.”, Jungkook holds him tighter, pulling him closer some more. “I am your husband, Taehyung. Your husband.”

“Oh, yeah?”, Taehyung grips his collar. “So I should wait until you are no longer my husband to date your manager?”

Jungkook’s jaws tick at that. He squeezes his eyes shut to not lose control over his own self, “Will you stop?”, he growls almost, “Don’t test my damn patience.”

“I don’t like the tone of it, Mr. Jeon.”, Taehyung pouts lazily, “Are you ordering me right now?”

“If that’s what it sounds like, then be it.”, Jungkook snarls, “But I refuse to hear any of that any further. Because if I hear you speak about it one more damn time-”

“Then what?”, Taehyung juts his chin out, “What the fuck will you do, Mr. Jeon?”

“I don’t know.”, Jungkook whispers, calm. His eyes blazing with something so deep that it makes Taehyung’s heart thud louder against his chest, “I will probably have to burn them all down to ashes.”

“You can do that for me?”, the question is simple, but it still makes Taehyung shiver.

“I can do anything for you.”, Jungkook’s eyes never waver. Not even for a spilt second.

“Then do this, too. For me.”, Taehyung demands, “Allow yourself to feel my love. Let me love you.”

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