I Present To You A Mega Thread Of All The Ict 2023 Mentorship Gems/Notes You Will Fi


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I present to you

A MEGA thread of ALL the ICT 2023 Mentorship GEMS/Notes you will find on my page💎

(listen in order of date taught)

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Gaps that dont fill are rocket fuel🚀💎


Understanding equilibrium of discount💎

Understanding what multiple touches of NWOG means💎

Understanding low probability conditions💎

New Day Opening Gap (NDOG)💎

Quarter of the wick💎

Example of precision with NDOG💎

PM session running AM session buy stops (ICT livestream annotations)

Market on close Macro💎

3:15-3:45 Sweet Spot💎

The Upper Quarter Concept💎

3 candle price action signature💎

Opening Range Gaps/ Regular Trading Hours (RTH)💎

Understanding Parent Price Swings💎

Understanding how to use Fibs to come up with price targets💎

The 4 week NWOG look back💎

Understanding Risk On/Off💎

Reviewing the relationship between the Daily VIBs and RTH gap
Understanding opening at a premium/discount of RTH💎

When to expect seek and destroy conditions 💎

Implied FVG💎

When 3 PD Arrays fail your fucked💎

A CLOSE below the swing low that we would see as being a Market Structure Shift, we treat it as a Breaker💎

Anatomy of an FVG💎

Event Horizon💎

How to avoid taking a low probability FVG💎

How far can you trust price to go above BSL or SSL for a Turtle Soup? 💎

NWOG Actual and NWOG💎

*LISTED in order of date taught


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