I’D Like To Speak To Evangelicals


twitter thread from AmandaHeldOpelt

I’d like to speak to Evangelicals.

If you are like me, you’ve spent most of your life being told that you have to vote Republican to be a good Christian.

I understand if your convictions prevent you from voting for a Democrat. But let me suggest something: 1/10

You can withdraw your support from candidates who won’t pass meaningful gun reform. You can inform candidates/legislators that they will not have your coveted Evangelical vote if they accept donations from the NRA or seek to block meaningful gun reform 2/10
I also know that you’ve been told that laws don’t change hearts, only God changes hearts. But you are allowed to use the same logic by which you fought for legislation around abortion for legislation around gun control. 3/10
Laws against abortion won’t change people’s hearts, probably won’t stop all abortions, yet you support these laws because they are seen as a safeguard for the innocent. The same can be true about gun reform. 4/10
Finally, I know our founding documents (i.e. the 2nd Amendment) are sometimes seen within Evangelical culture as words inspired by God. They are not. Some of our founders were Christians & some of those Christian values were reflected in our founding documents. BUT…5/10
…our founding documents also stated that slaves were 3/5 a person. Women weren’t allowed to vote. These documents were FAR from perfect and certainly not God breathed. America is not the kingdom of God. It never was. And to think it was is dangerously misinformed nostalgia. 6/10
A commitment to the 2nd Amendment is not a commitment to Christian values. You can withhold your vote without compromising your values. Evangelicals are one of the largest voting blocks in this country. Show lawmakers that you are a voting block that cares about kid’s safety.7/10
Finally. I don’t usually tweet politics or hot button issues. I don’t quite have the fortitude/courage/decisiveness that my sister had in that way. But I have 2 young daughters. And my work in aid took me to places where I’ve seen more kids with bullet wounds than I care to tell.
So I will speak out on this. And you can too. Don’t be afraid. It’s ok to break “rank & file.” Let’s not leave it to grieving parents & child survivors to do the work of ending this American terror. I pray evangelicals are not remembered as people who loved their weapons… 9/10
…more than they loved their children. 10/10

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