Here Are 7 Keys To Getting The Right Clients Including

Josh Spector

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Here are 7 keys to getting the right clients including…

✅ What to offer
✅ Who to offer it to
✅ How to position your offer to attract the right clients


1. Do you want to do the work or teach the tactics?

The first key decision is if you want to offer a done-for-you service in which you execute the work or if you prefer to show clients what to do and have them execute themselves.

Do you want to sell service or strategy?

2. Do you want ongoing retainer clients or one-off projects?

There are pros and cons to each approach and either can succeed, but it’s important to understand what you offer and who you want to attract.

Message it accordingly.

3. Sell to people who know they have a problem.

Are you selling a service to people who know they have a problem or do you need to convince them they have a problem in order to sell them the solution?

Choose the former.

It’s much easier and more likely to succeed.

4. Pitch a result, not a tactic.

Clients want a result, not a tactic.

That’s what they buy.

You may know they need a marketing strategy, brand refresh, or better content, but that’s not what they’re seeking.

They want a result: More sales, a bigger audience, etc.

5. Start charging.

The sooner you start charging the better — even if you charge a super low rate.

If a client won’t pay even a tiny rate, they’re not willing to put in the work to capitalize on the strategy or service you give them.

That means you’re wasting your time.

6. There are no “rules.”

Structure your service and the value you provide in any way you want.

There’s no one “right” way to do it.

Come up with a format that works for you and plays to your strengths and interests…

As long as it also delivers a result the client wants.

7. Don’t waste time with formality.

You don’t need a fancy presentation, a “professional” website, a ton of testimonials, or anything like that.

All you need is one person who believes you can help them and is willing to pay you to do so.

Then you’ve got to deliver.

If you can deliver value to one client, you can do it again.

And again.

And again.

I expand on all these concepts in this blog post 👇…

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