Bourdain & Cain: Part 3- “Prepped & Served” Dining With The Devil The Kitchen


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Bourdain & Cain: Part 3- “Prepped & Served”

Dining With The Devil

The kitchen. One alcove held the means to slaughter the prey without their knowledge and without harming the flesh making it dangerous for human consumption. There was a large metal table for preparation.

The underground chambers were spacious. Almost like a vampire castle. It was furnished in luxurious mahogany furniture with rooms for the prey off to the side. Therein was humongous king-size beds. There were also rooms for elite cannibals. Six to be exact. Same mahogany set up.
There were rooms for the Clintons, Cruise, Smith, Warren, and Streep. And whoever else would decide to stay over a 3-4 week period. This is how long it took to prep the victims by fattening them up sense they small petite teen from 15, 14, and 11.
The Central area was where a massive mahogany table was for the guest. Beyond the entire plush, gothic, dimly lit lair was ofcourse the kitchen. Which is where the prospective victims were slaughtered. A large metal table was created specifically for this aspect of the operation.
The metal table was sterilized perfectly shiny almost like one you would find in a operating room. Because ofcourse these were humans which required human sized equipment to properly prepare them. Behind the kitchen was an underground crematorium. Out of site.
Bourdain & Weinstein were the only ones who had access to this through an app on their phones. Almost no different than what you would find in a funeral home to cremate the diseased who declined a traditional burial. Which was where the bones, fat, and gristle was disposed of.
Afterwards Anthony cleaned up then headed towards the room where they prey was. They each (3 Victims) had their own rooms. Their closets had beautiful clothes in them. They had a penchant for Asian and South American and African girls. This was financed by the wealthiest wom/men.
So as Anthony approached their rooms all 3 were sleeping and He knew once they woke up they would be hungry. He knows he only has 3 weeks to fatten them up. He took out massive cuts of filet mignot,mignon, with a cast-iron skillet with olive oil basel, and some butter.
As the pan began to sizzle Anthony salted the steaks on a wooden board. Basically preparing a nice meal or the 3 children. One of their names were Mei Ling, she spoke English well asking Bourdain if what he was cooking for them? He said yes ofcourse. Obviously they were famished.
Anthony gave them shrimp & wine as they awaited the main meals still being cooked in the background. Which were steak and veggies. But again the girls were petite they were not used to this type of calorie intake. Especially 3 times a day. Not knowing they were being prepped.
After delivering the food and iced water Anthony asked is there anything else he could do? Mei Ling (15) looked at Anthony in disbelief at how well they were being taken care of. They believed they were headed towards a better life that Anthony promised them.
After all Anthony found them in a back alley outside the hostel in China. Which now seemed like a lifetime ago. So as Mei Ling and her 2 younger sisters head back in their rooms Anthony goes back in the kitchen looking for left over human meat to prep for upcoming guests.
Anthony knew the more insatiable guest would want their meal in a few days. Namely the Clintons & Weinstein. Over the years he perfected having human meat frozen properly so it tasted just as good as if it were freshly slaughtered. So off into the deep freezer was human meat.
Freezer burn or bruising was not to be found which implies the meat would be safe to eat. So Anthony took spices from the cupboard mixed oils, dressing, and garlic. Night time came as everything was prepped for the prey. It’s now 8am as Mei Ling and siblings were still sleeping.
Anthony knew they had to be ready before the guest arrived. Bill, Weinstein, and Hillary had this bizarre Fetish to interact with their victims before they were slaughtered for their consumption. Most of the victims knew no English.
Anthony told the girls the people they will be meeting were going to be arranging for medical care, education, and other things that will help her and her sisters get established in America. Mei Ling was excited and gitty about this as she skipped a little with glee.
So as Mei Ling retired to her room Anthony heard a telltale clicking of the outer doors which turned out to be lower rung members of “The Church Of Scientology”. Which the main member David Miscavige is under investigation for Human Trafficking.
As the guest arrived Anthony helped them through a discreet elevator-like contraption hidden behind the ornate spiral staircase basically to avoid carrying all that luggage upstairs by hand. Anthony presumed Will & Jada would be arriving soon. As they were considered regulars.
One thing none of the guest liked was Harvey Weinstein molesting the prey which was against the rules. Will & Tom approached Weinstein about his predatory proclivities towards the young children and they threatened bodily harm and expulsion from the club.

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