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Unrolling Twitter Threads

Twitter was designed as a platform to send out snippets of thoughts limited to 144 characters. It’s meant as a challenge to people to say what they want in a short and concise manner. However, Twitter has evolved into a true social media platform for news and information and becomes highly limited because of the character limit. So, users had to get creative by creating successive tweets or threads to get their thoughts out in more detail. Problem is, it’s hard to read an even follow.

A Twitter thread is a series of tweets on one topic that come from a single person. Because Twitter has evolved into a social platform for information, individuals or known social media personalities use it to spread their blog content or articles into a series of tweets which is not what Twitter was designed for. The result is a series of tweets which is not convenient to read, which is much better suited for a website. is an online app that consolidates those tweets into a more readable format.

Twitter Thread Generator

Twitter users can easily paste the link to their website or article instead of making threads. But there can be several reasons they don’t choose to. Surprisingly, these threads can be a worthwhile read, but better suited to a blog article. But not all users have a website to host their thoughts. These tweets can be the product of a sleepless and active mind, or a response to educate certain individuals regarding arguments which is common on the platform. Or their website for some reason might be banned on Twitter or goes against Twitter’s community rules. Thus, we have Twitter threads and thus we have this thread generator.

Twitter Thread Maker

How does Twitter Thread Maker work? Simple really. It’s a webapp that requires no installation. Just type onto your browser. The simplest way to use Threadreader is to open the web app on a browser. Copy the link of the Twitter thread and then paste the thread link on the website’s address bar. Then click on the Find Unroll button.

After clicking on the Find Unroll button, the site processes for a bit, connects the thread into a more readable format, and voila!, a complete, readable article. Works equally well on computers, tablets or smartphones. You also can save twitter thread for free as PDF or screenshot, or just HTML page.

Save Twitter Thread and Share

So this is how to unroll Twitter threads with the If you’re an avid Twitter user and some of those you follow tend to create lengthy Twitter threads, this app app becomes an indispensable tool to easily read, and even save such content.